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Red Rock Casino and Palace Station Install DEQ Blackjack and Baccarat System

On November 9th, 2007, DEQ Systems Corporation, a provider of table gambling bonusing, jackpot solutions announced that the two Station Casino properties, the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa facility and the Palace Station acquired DEQ's EZTRAK system.

The EZTRAK System is a tracking system that is LCD based which records the statistics of a player and side wagers for the game of blackjack and baccarat. Tom Winward, the Corporate Director of Slots Systems for Station Casinos said that their customers in both the Red Rock and Palace Station are positive about the blackjack and baccarat version of the EZTRAKTM and it is a good innovation in keeping track of their blackjack and baccarat data.

Some customers said that they are content to be finally getting the same information that players of roulette and other games are getting for a long time now. DEQ's President Earle G. Hall said that the Station Casino is one of their most important partners and has been useful in the deployment of their product.

The reports of the Station Casino are also very encouraging regarding the reception They are also very happy that the Red Rock casino is the very first casino in the state to utilize the EZTRAKTM blackjack system. The EZTRAKTM Baccarat Edition System of DEQ can put up in any baccarat table like the EZ BaccaratTM, which does not need any commission.

The EZTRAKTM Blackjack Edition system can also be put into any blackjack table. Both the EZTRAKTM blackjack and baccarat system are similar with DEQ's G3TM platform system. The G3TM platform also features different bonus features like the Magic CardTM and the Lucky PlayerTM.


Sunday, November 18 , 2007
Kim Watson