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Resorts Casino to Launch Resorts Blackjack

The casino hotel that reintroduced "Boogie Back" with its one-of-a kind 70's and 80's dance club is set to turn back the time with Retro Blackjack. Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City announced on February 9th, 2010 that it will launch "Retro" Blackjack in February 2010.

These casino table games will offer a minimum "Retro" bets beginning at $2 per hand plus a twenty-five-cent "fee" per card hand. Kevin Brown, the Executive Director of Casino Table Games for Resorts Casino said that a lot of players are looking to expand their casino experience by enjoying blackjack but are intimidated and wary to do so.

Brown said that Retro Blackjack gives players the chance to become familiar with the game while playing other gamers who possess a similar skill level. Brown said that with the numerous successes that they have had with their retro dance club in the past few years and with the coin-operated slot machines last year, it was natural for them to apply the Retro theme to casino table games.

Brown added these casino table games will certainly create additional buzz to their already dynamic casino floor. Resorts Casino will debut for only a limited tome on two casino table games at Resorts Casino. Bets will begin at $2. Bets can be made in $1 dollar increments up to $5.

Bets after $5 will be made in $5 increments. Players placing a bet between $2 and $5 will be required to place a twenty-five-cent "fee" when placing their wager. The 25-cent fee will be taken by the dealer before any of the cards are being dealt.

All rules for traditional blackjack will be the same for Retro Blackjack of Resorts Casino.


Thursday, March 04 , 2010
Thomas Johnson