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Saver Plus Will Launch Maximus Master Gaming Series of Instructional DVDs

Savers Plus International Inc. has announced August 14 that they have obtained the exclusive worldwide rights to market the Vegas Maximus Master Gaming Series of instructive DVDs. The DVD will feature the world's leading authorities in blackjack.

Savers will create and manage a industry-leading DVD that will be abailable through the Internet and conventional sources. Vegas Maximus Blackjack DVDs will be hosted by Max Rubin. Max Rubin is one of the living members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Max Rubin is also an on air commentator for the CBS Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Rubin is also considered as one of the world's prime authorities on the game of blackjack.

The DVDs are a thorough series of advanced lectures on how to play and win like the professionals. Rubin will discuss his secrets for blackjack, schemes, plays and betting approach that he personally uses to attain his winning condition.

Savers will cast the marketing program after developing a new Internet platform for Vegas Maximus.

Mr. Martin Marion, co-founder of Vegas Maximus Productions Inc. said, "Savers' strategic marketing and sales expertise provides Vegas Maximus with a distinct and substantial advantage in reaching a worldwide market of gaming and casino enthusiasts quickly and cost-effectively. Savers' range of programs is fully complementary and the ability to build strong consumer awareness simultaneously with developing major wholesale programs is a marketing home run for us. We are excited to partner with Savers Plus to bring these unique DVDs to market."


Tuesday, September 19 , 2006
Kim Watson