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Shuffle Master Launches Virtual Gaming Table in Pennsylvania

On April 20, 2007, Shuffle Master Inc. from Las Vegas is set to influence the gaming landscape of Pennsylvania. Shuffle Master's electronic blackjack table has been given the approval of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which means that the players will now be able to enjoy the famous card game on the gaming machines.

Players need to sit around the machine in a half circle and take turns playing games, which are flashed on two 42 inch flat screen televisions. The 2 televisions will have one half showing the table containing the cards and the other half featuring the interactive virtual dealer for the game. The casino has a big LCD screen behind the gaming table, which shows the virtual dealer, like a blond wearing a skimpy outfit, for example.

She moves her head and eyes from each of the players as the bets are placed. She then deals the cards and the game progresses as usual; she can then double, split, hold and surrender. The Blackjack dealer must then achieve a 16 or a 17. The feeling is just like playing at a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino facility. The state law both in Pennsylvania and Delaware does not allow live casino table games to be played at the casino.

The new gaming machines at Penn National were accepted by the state law because they have no real dealers, aside from the fact that a gaming machine can't determine other odds by the player, which is not exactly the same as a Las Vegas type gaming. Nevada is another state that has allowed the gaming machines and the main hope is that in the near future they will also be allowed to be played in the casinos in both states.

The cost of the Blackjack game is around $135,000, but the price does not seem so expensive because each of the games can host up to 5 persons, so it's like having 5 slot machines instead of just 1. The next step in the game is to acquire the stud and the hold'em poker parts of the software to be allowed. Once that happens, it would seem that these casinos will be running full gambling businesses, just like the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Thursday, May 03 , 2007
Victor Sanchez