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Single Level Card Counting Techniques

The blackjack single level card counting technique is effective for anyone that would like to try it. Blackjack card counting is basically about giving all the different cards in the deck a value and thus keeping track of what remains in the deck that sits with the dealer. If a player can remember what numbers have been dealt already he can better adjust his bet and hopefully win a lot of money. The Blackjack single level card counting technique is one of many ways to carry out this counting. It is a very popular system since it is very basic and easy to learn.

Card counting for the beginner

To become a skilled Blackjack card counter it does take some talent for math and a will to learn a good system of card counting. The professional players that share their strategies in books or online are mostly people with a head for numbers. This doesn't mean that the average player or beginner can't benefit from card counting.

For players that just recently started to explore the world of Blackjack, a single level card counting technique is a good choice to start with. Anyone can understand how it works since all there is to it is to assign points to the different cards and keep track of them. By subtracting or adding to the count according to the set value of a specific card the player gets a total sum, this sum is usually referred to as the “count”. The player should look out for a high count and make an increased bet accordingly.

The good thing about the simplicity of the Blackjack single level card counting technique is that a player doesn't have to become a master of card counting to utilize it. The system can simply be seen as something that makes the game more fun and hopefully more lucrative.

Different single level card counting systems

The best known single level card counting technique is the Hi-Lo system. In this system the cards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 have the value of +1. Face cards and tens through aces have the value of -1 and the remaining cards are assigned the value of 0. The Hi-Lo system is a balanced system since a count of all of the cards in the deck would sum up to 0. It is very popular as it works excellently but since it is not advanced it doesn't produce much more than the count itself.

Another single level counting technique is the Uston Advanced Plus/Minus system. This system is almost identical to the Hi-Lo technique but it works with different values. The Uston technique assigns the value of 0 to the cards 2, 8 and 9. It is also effective but has the disadvantage that opportunities are more difficult to spot when using it.

Also worth mentioning is the Hi-Opt1 system. The difference between this and the Uston technique is that in Hi-Opt1 the ace and the card 7 are also assigned the value of 0. It is considered a well working system but when more decks are thrown into the game it can be difficult to keep track of the aces with it.

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