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Single Level Blackjack Card Counting System

The big advantage of all single level Blackjack card counting methods is that they are easy to do, especially for blackjack players who are beginners.

Single level Card counting is when cards are given the value of 1 or -1. Tens and Aces are -1 with two to sixes being 1. The Hi-Lo Count is one such blackjack card counting technique which uses this method. You want a card counting method which is simple whose only aim is to teach you how to win at Blackjack.

The way the single level count works is that the higher the count the better it is for the player. Thus when this is the case, the player should increase his bet to capitalize on the situation.

The single level card counting system is very popular because it is so simple. It doesn’t require anything complicated apart from identifying the point assigned to the card and doing the math accordingly. Any card counting system more complicated than that, you would have been struggling to have many people understand it.

The most well known single level card blackjack counting method would be the Hi-Lo. Followed by that would be the Uston Advanced Plus/Minus and the Hi-Opt1.

The Hi-Lo is the most basic to understand and thus it is the most popular. To its credit it is also quite effective but it doesn’t give you much else apart from the raw count.

The Uston Advanced Plus/Minus is similar to the Hi-Lo but this single card counting system varies in that it assigns the value of 0 to 2, 8 and 9. The problem with this system is that it doesn’t help much in identifying opportunities.

The Hi-Opt 1 varies from the Uston in that it gives the Ace and 7 the value of 0 and not just 2, 8 and 9. A plus of this card counting technique is that it may throw people off the scent who are trying to see if you are card counting or not. The problem is that you really want to isolate the Aces in the count but you may have trouble doing this when there are many decks in the shoe.

Tim Arnell