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Single Deck vs Multiple Blackjack Card Counting Techniques

When it comes to Blackjack card counting there is a general rule of thumb when the more decks there are in a shoe the trickier it is to count cards and keep track of the count.

A single deck means there are 16 of the 52 cards worth 10. Keeping track of things via card counting isn’t that simple.

Increase that to four decks and you have 64 of 208 cards worth 10. This is a lot harder and you will have both of your hands filled but you can manage it if you concentrate.

Change that to eight decks and 128 of the 416 cards are worth 10. This is almost impossible to keep track of. In addition to that, there are 32 aces you want to look out for. Suddenly your Blackjack betting technique isn't as confident as it was when there were only two decks.

This is why the more decks reduces the effectiveness of Blackjack card counting - because it is so much harder to maintain.

More experienced blackjack card counters are able to maintain their count during an eight deck shoe.

If you want to count cards, you are better off starting at a blackjack table with as few as possible decks in the shoe. You want to master that before you increase to more decks.

Andrew Sanders - Managing Editor