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  1. Blackjack Strategy - An article that talks about the different strategies of blackjack.
  2. Blackjack online info - Information about the different blackjack rules.
  3. Online blackjack pointers - Find out some of the most crucial online Blackjack pointers that can influence how you play the game considerably.
  4. Free blackjack 2 - Playing blackjack for free is the same as the regular land based blackjack game although it is supplied only in the online casinos.
  5. How to win at blackjack - If you want to find out how to win at Blackjack games, then read here about the most recent methods of professional strategy players.
  6. Person that plays blackjack - In this section we try to identify the person that plays Blackjack, and try to see what makes for a superb kind of online Blackjack player.
  7. Blackjack online experience - In this online blackjack guide, you will hear a riveting experience of the game from one of the best players alive.
  8. Blackjack online overview - An overview to the blackjack game and how it should be played
  9. Online casino blackjack - What makes online casino Blackjack so attractive to players from around the world? in this article we try to answer this and other questions that players frequently ask themselves.
  10. Play online blackjack - Do you want to know how to play online Blackjack? Then read on as we give you some basic information on the game.
  11. Wild and wonderful wolrd of blackjack - Learn about the systems used for winning, including the famous card counting technique.
  12. Blackjack at Wild Jack - There are thousands of online Casinos but some may find it hard to find a good online blackjack casino. Most of these online casinos dont even care about the game; they consider blackjack as just another product to sell on line. Play blackjack online at Wild Jack Casino and join thousands of satisfied players.
  13. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour live on CBS - Ultimate Blackjack Tour signs a two-year contract with CBS to broadcast the tournament on the national television that will start on September 16, 2006. This Tournament is not Solely for the Blackjack or Casino celebrities. Any one who can pay the entry fee can enter the Tournament.
  14. Normandie Casino launched Pure blackjack 21 - Normandie Casino just launched Pure Blackjack 21, which is commonly played in Las Vegas, to give it valued players the choice to choose and play their favorite game for them to enjoy more and play more. It may be hard to imagine but its here at Normandie Casino.
  15. Review of 50 Stars Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete review of 50 Stars Casino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what 50 Stars Casino online offers.
  16. 7Spins Offers Well-Known Casino Games Like Blackjack - 7Spins recently launched their online arm 7Spins offers players well-loved casinon games like blackjack and roulette that features outstanding graphics and sounds.
  17. :RomeCasino Offers Multiple Hand Blackjack to Customers - has recently released their multiplayer blackjack game. This blackjack variation is appropriate for those players that like a fast pace blackjack game.
  18. Who Are We? - Information about and its staff.
  19. Akutsu Masaaki Wins Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casinos 2010 1st Blackjack Challenge Event - Akutsu Masaaki defeated Yoshiko Muranishi to take home the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casinos 2010 1st Blackjack Challenge title. He won a total of $70,000 dollars.
  20. Review of Aladdins Gold Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete details on Aladdins Gold Casino bonuses, promotions, software and games. Valuable information to help understand what they offer.
  21. Alfred Haber Distribution Acquires Distribution Rights For UBT - Alfred Haber Distribution has secured the international distribution rights to the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is set to debut on September 16th on CBS Sports.
  22. All New Euro Cup Themed Slot Game Released at Virgin Casino - Virgin Casino released a brand new slot called Sensible Soccer Euro Cup, which features unique Lego symbols, exciting bonuses, and a progressive jackpot.
  23. All Slots Casino is Rewarding Slot Players for Saving the Planet - All Slots Casino is giving its players the chance to enjoy great promotions at the end of September when they play the new alien themed Microgaming slot.
  24. and Visionary iGaming Collaborates for Live Dealer Games - Visionary iGaming will be the main provider of Live Dealer games of CEO Martin Reiner said that they have a lot of expectations with the partnership.
  25. Andy Bloch and the MIT Blackjack Team - Andy Bloch was a member of the original MIT blackjack team. He successfully made the transition from blackjack player to poker player.
  26. Andy Bloch's Life as A Part of the MIT Blackjack Team - Poker player Andy Bloch was a part of the fabled MIT Blackjack team. Bloch said that he has no regrets about what they did because for him, card counting is not cheating.
  27. Atlantic City May Soon Allow Its Gamblers In-Room Hotel Gambling - If new gambling bills are passed in Atlantic City, gamblers could be allowed to enjoy hotel casino games on a mobile gambling device in their hotel rooms.
  28. Backgammon Masters Challenge MIT Blackjack Team to Test Blackjack Software - Online casino Backgammon Masters has challenged the MIT team to compete against their blackjack software. The team will surely have a tough time testing their skills against the software.
  29. Barona Resort and Casino Launches Blackjack Electronic i-Table Game - Baronas Blackjack Electronic i-Table Game dealers deal out chipless hands to players. The game also features a side bet option for blackjack players.
  30. Barona Resort and Casino Offers Electronic Blackjack i-Table Game - Barona Casinos new electronic i-Table game was created by Shuffle Master. Baronas Mike Patterson said that they believe that the game will be a big hit with their gamers.
  31. Basic philosophy - Different writings, thoughts and articles about Blackjack Philosophy.
  32. Berkeley County Residents Takes Advantage of Casino Table Games Dealer Opportunities at Charles Town - Jenny Siford is one of the new blackjack dealers at the Charles Town Races and Slots. Siford said that she is excited about her new job. The games will begin on July 1st, 2010.
  33. BetUS and Casino City Hosts Blackjack Event - Both BetUS and Casino City will host a blackjack event on July 30th, 2008. Players can begin registering for the event on July 24th, 2008.
  34. Review of Betsson Casino bonuses, software and games - Detailed evaluation on Betsson Casino bonus rewards, software provider and games. Learn what Betsson Casino offers players in this independent review.
  35. Blackjack News - BlackJack news
  36. Blackjack ball tournament - Find out what goes on at the most exclusive Blackjack Tournament in the world. The Blackjack Ball has been shrouded in secret until now.
  37. Fixed vs replenishable bankroll - Are you a fixed or replenishable bankroll blackjack player? Find out what each is and then test your skills at our online blackjack site.
  38. Flat betting - Find out how to use the Blackjack Flat Betting to minimize your losses and to avoid detection by the eye in the sky.
  39. Blackjack boats - A description of the many boats that sail the rivers and offer great blackjack games.
  40. Blackjack bonus - Read about the bonus blackjack variant which is another popular variation which can be found on almost all online casinos.
  41. Blackjack Bowl II Event of Down to its Final Blackjack Table - The Blackjack Bowl II Tournament of is already on its final stretch. The champion of the event will win a total of $21,000.
  42. Blackjack Card Counters Talk With Casino Execs - Two blackjack card counters had an interesting conversation with casino executives at Global Gaming Expo last Wednesday. The card counters talked about how they made millions of dollars.
  43. Blackjack Champ Ken Einiger Signs Deal with Consolidated Resorts - Blackjack player, Ken Einiger of Play to Win Incorporated is the new spokesperson for the Consolidated Resorts. Einiger said that he is proud to represent Consolidated Resorts Incorporated.
  44. Blackjack Champion Ken Einiger Teams Up with All-In Energy Drink Company - It was announced on July 29th, 2007 that Blackjack champion Ken Einiger has teamed up with the ALL-IN Energy Drink Company. Einiger said that the ALL-IN energy drink really help his performance.
  45. Blackjack Classes at the FLC Taught by Professor Hunt - Professor Hunt teaches blackjack at the FLC. His class is steadily growing each semester due to the growing interest in the game.
  46. Blackjack Dealer Angered By Three-Day Casino Shutdown - Emmanuel Villamil is a silent resident of Egg Harbor Township. He enjoys life by doing his job as blackjack dealer at an Atlantic City casino, but the recent casino shutdown awakened the anger inside him prompting him to register to vote for the first time.
  47. Blackjack Events Every Tuesday at Casino Tropez - Blackjack enthusiasts can enjoy blackjack events at Casino Tropez every Tuesday. Some of the blackjack variations that players can enjoy are live dealer blackjack game and Progressive Blackjack game.
  48. Blackjack Events at Trump Casinos Draw Record Crowd - The weekly blackjack events at the Trump casino are drawing a good crowd. Most players said that they enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement that surrounds every blackjack game.
  49. Blackjack Forum - Blackjack Forum
  50. Blackjack free download - Blackjack games and tournaments are available online for free. download your free copy today.
  51. Blackjack Institute Launch Seminar Based on Their MIT Success - A blackjack seminar will be offered by former MIT blackjack experts. The one day seminar will teach blackjack enthusiasts insider tips and tricks to win at blackjack as the game's popularity continues to grow.
  52. Blackjack instructions - Instructions, pointers and resources for the blackjack game.
  53. Blackjack Land-Based Casino Could Fund Education In Chicago - A land-based blackjack casino could help Illinois state fund education. The profits from the casino proposed by Republican gubernatorial candidate Topinka can be used to repair roads and help people in the state.
  54. Multi level blackjack - Once you've mastered a single level card counting technique, step up your game and learn a blackjack multi level card counting technique.
  55. Blackjack myths - There are many Blackjack Myths. They are part of Blackjack. Here are some of the more well-known ones so you can learn all about them.
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  111. Blackjack Online Casinos - Find out why Blackjack online casinos are so successful nowadays, and how the game became so popular on the internet.
  112. Blackjack opportunities - Blackjack opportunities, Make 100's of $$$ a day playing blackjack without leaving your home
  113. Blackjack Player Charged in First-Degree Murder of Estranged Wife - Christopher Deyerle, 25, was arrested as the primary suspect in the murder of his estranged wife. He allegedly shot his wife just outside her parents house in Dayton. Deyerle was a regular player at Pinon Plaza Casino in Carson City.
  114. Blackjack Player Will Be Banned From Casinos For Five Years - Michael Howard DelGiorno, a local radio talk show host, whos been playing blackjack for years now is the target of a complaint by a dealer from a local casino. He was caught taking chips from the casino dealers pile and pulling bets at the blackjack table.
  115. Blackjack Player Wins More Than $17,000 At Lasseters Online Casino - One lucky player won big bucks after playing a Multi-Hand Blackjack at Lasseters Online Casino. Within a few days, Jeremy M of the USA has cashed out $7,000 and elevated his current account balance equaling a profit of more than $17,000, all from one single deposit of $50.
  116. Blackjack pro - Read about Blackjack Pro, which is a variant created for professional players by Playtech and is being offered by many online casinos.
  117. Blackjack Pro Dave Stann Challenges Kid Rock to $10,000 Game - After musician, Kid Rock's bouncers gave pro blackjack player, Dave Stann the scare of his life when they knocked his hotel door down on New Year's eve, Stann challenged Kid Rock to a high-stakes card game.
  118. Blackjack Radar's Online Blackjack Calculator - The Blackjack Calculator of Blackjack Radar will be able to help players see the odds that they are up against in a game. It also gives some suggestions on how to make your strategy in the game.
  119. Blackjack Release Planned For October 9th For Nintendo DS - Nintendo is moving into the casino gaming arena with the planned October 9th release of Clubhouse Games. The 42 game compilation will feature blackjack and several other casino classics. The games will offer both online and wireless play modes to players at no cost.
  120. Blackjack rules - A short introduction to the different variations, including in-depth information with their rules.
  121. Single level card counting - Learn the Single Level Blackjack Card Counting Techniques so you can use them to beat the casinos.
  122. Blackjack software - Learn about the the software provided by the online casinos.
  123. Blackjack Star Dave Stann Joins the UB All-Stars Team - David Stann is the newest member of the U.B. Blackjack Team joining well-known blackjack pros like Tiffany Michelle and others. Stann is also a rising poker player.
  124. Wong it - Learn to Wong it, how to wong correctly and how to avoid detection playing blackjack.
  125. Blackjack Tables Are Almost Empty At Point Edward Charity Casino - Point Edward Charity Casinos blackjack tables were almost empty with the drop in tourism from the United States. Canadian statistics show that Americans have traveled less in Canada for the past six months and casino revemues can back that up.
  126. Blackjack Tables On Hold at Philadelphia Park Casino - The electronic blackjack tables in Philadelphia Park were put on hold for the moment for the main reason that a communication error was found in the machines.
  127. Blackjack Terminology - Glossary of Terms - The complete blackjack terminology with all the phrases and terms you need to know if you want to be a blackjack player.
  128. Blackjack Tournaments at - Blackjack enthusiasts can take advantage of the blackjack events at every Monday night beginning the month of March. The grand final of the event will be on April 15th, 2009.
  129. Blackjack training - Learn about the different schools and trainings for players and dealers.
  130. Blackjack Tutorial Offered for Couples This Valentine's Season - Michael Aponte and David Irvine of the Blackjack Institute are offering a special promo for lovers this Valentine's Day. Registrants for their $5,000 tutorial can bring along their partners for free.
  131. Blackjack Variants Guide- Best Guide to Online Blackjack Variants - Learn all about blackjack variants and how to play them in our comprehensive blackjack variants guide. Offering the best guide to online blackjack variants on the web.
  132. Blackjack Variation Rules – How to Play Blackjack Variants - Learn how to play variant blackjack games. There are fun alternative versions of blackjack and this is where you can find out more about these blackjack variation rules
  133. The World Series of Blackjack - The World Series of Blackjack is the innovational television program from GSN that brings top blackjack players to the viewers at home.
  134. Blackjack and Other Card Games Offered at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino - Blackjack will be one of the card games that will be offered at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino on June 22nd, 2008. A lot of residents are enthusiastic about the arrival of the card games.
  135. Blackjack card counting - Blackjack card counting methods are given here, so you can start practicing and hopefully be able to beat the house.
  136. Bluff Europe Commends Lucky18Casino.coms BKJK Bowl Blackjack Event - Bluff Europe has commended the BKJK Bowl Blackjack Event of Philip Conneler said that even poker players that are looking for other challenges will enjoy the event.
  137. Bluff Poker Europe Recognizes and its Blackjack Tournament - Philip Conneler of Bluff Poker Europe has commended the for being a innovative casino. Bluff Poker Europe also commended Lucky18Casino.coms blackjack tournament.
  138. Bodog And Sierra Entertainment Launch Casino Games Video Game For PS2 and XBox - has partnered with Sierra Entertainment to release the new video game 'Scarface: The World Is Yours' based on the original Scarface movie. The game will feature unique spotlights in the game along with branded casino games.
  139. Review of Bodog Casino bonuses, software and games - An independent evaluation of Bodog Casino. Learn more about the software, promotions, games & mobile downloads they offer.
  140. Bonus Blackjack - Descriptive set of rules for the Bonus blackjack variation.
  141. Bookmaker Announces Start of Blackjack Season - Bookmaker announced the start of their 2007 blackjack tournament event. Bookmaker will be holding qualifying events to determine the participants for the blackjack bowl on February or March 2008.
  142. Bookmaker Holds 21 Challenge Series Tournament - Bookmaker recently launched the '21' challenged series events. There will be weekly events that can produce three qualifiers that can join the final event that will have a prize of $21,000.
  143. Bookmaker Hosts 21 Challenge Series - Bookmaker will held the '21 Challenge Series' blackjack event. Players will have the chance to compete in the three qualifiers that will determine the participants at the final event.
  144. Bookmaker To Hold $10,000 Blackjack Bowl Tournament - Bookmaker will be hosting monthly qualifiers to determine who will participate at the Blackjack Bowl in February or March 2008. They hope that their players will enjoy the experience.
  145. Bovada Casino Launches New Travel Themed Promotional Event - Bovada Casino is hosting a Passport promotion event that gives players the chance to win cash bonuses and trips to some of the famous cities in the world.
  146. Brightshare Gives out Play4Fun Blackjack to Mobile Aggregators - Brightshare, a mobile aggregate provider, launched their new Blackjack game and created a profit sharing program for their users.
  147. Bust - Learn what is a bust and what are the odds for busting when playing blackjack.
  148. Busting odds strategy - Learning the busting odds is a vital part of any player's blackjack basic strategy.
  149. CBCP Criticizes Nuns for Playing Blackjack and Slot Machines - Archbishop Oscar Cruz said that it was insensitive of Bishop Tobias and the nuns to go to the Pagcor Gaming Exhibit. Bishop Tobias and the nuns were invited to say a prayer at the gaming expo.
  150. CBS Bets On Blackjack Series - The CBS television network is betting on the television series 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour'. The network will launch its new series on September 16, 2006, every Saturday afternoon, before college football for 10 weeks in the first season of a two season deal.
  151. CBS Network Ready to Air Ultimate Blackjack Tour - CBS has finished filming the first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and is preparing to launch it on the market. The show will feature players, including actress Jennifer Tilly, competing in a series of elimination rounds to earn a berth in the finals.
  152. Card Counting Camouflage - Learning how to camoflage card counting in blackjack is a neccesary skill that needs to learned if the player has any hope of taking advantage of the card couting system he has mastered.
  153. Cantor Casino Debuts Statjack Casino Game - Cantor Casino has recently launched their brand new game, Statjack, which is a variation of the blackjack game. It has a lot of features including a tutorial section and a whole lot more.
  154. Cantor Casino Releases the Game of Statjack - Cantor Casino recently debut their game of Statjack. Statjack is a variation of blackjack but gives players the chance to knowthe winning and losing odds of each hand.
  155. Cantor Casino Rewards Three Leeds Players that Won the Spanish Blackjack Game - Cantor Casino has awarded three Spanish Blackjack jackpots to three players in Leeds. Marketing Director Mike Leys said that they are very happy that they could give satisfaction to their customers.
  156. Casino Countermeasures Against Card Counters - Read about the countermeasures against the blackjack card counting made by the casinos in order to eliminate the blackjack card counters
  157. Card Counting Detection - Blackjack Card Counting Detection - Blackjack Card Counting is the Bane of Casinos and they will do everything to eliminate Card Counting in Blackjack
  158. Evaluating Blackjack Card Counting System - Blackard Card Counting Systems are great, you just need to work out the right one for you. Learn how to evaluate the most suitable blackjack card counting system for your needs.
  159. Card Counting History - History of Blackjack Card Counting
  160. Card counting system - card counting technique (invented by Ken Uston) explained.
  161. Cards Value - Evaluate your cards the right way. a small guide for understanding the value of your cards.
  162. Review of Casino Bellini bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Casino Bellini promotions, software download and casino games. An independent review on what Casino Bellini offers.
  163. Review of Casino Club bonuses, software and games - An independent review of Casino Club. Complete evaluation of the Casino Club download, promotions, tournaments, and casino games.
  164. Casino Code Tuesdays at Bovada Casino - Following the success of its special Friday promotions, Bovada Casino has launched a new Tuesday promotion.
  165. Review of Casino Euro bonuses, software and games - An independent review of Casino Euro. Complete evaluation of the Casino Euro download, promotions, tournaments, and casino games.
  166. Review of Casino King bonuses, software and games - Complete review of Casino King promotions, software download and casino games. Learn about everything this online casino offers players.
  167. Review of Casino Las Vegas bonuses, software and games - An independent evaluation of what Casino Las Vegas offers. Learn about their bonus rewards, progressive jackpots, downloads and mobile casino.
  168. Review of Piggs Casino bonuses, software and games - Find out how Piggs Casino stacks up against the competition in our independent review. We rate Piggs Casino bonus rewards, games, software and support.
  169. Review of Casino Riva bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Casino Riva promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Casino Riva offers.
  170. Review of Casino Splendido bonuses, software and games - Learn more about Casino Splendido promotions, software download and games. The review of the online casino also covers service and payment options.
  171. Casino Tropez Offers Players Blackjack Tournament - Players can now participate on Blackjack Events on Casino Tropez. The top 20 blackjack players will take home around $50.
  172. Review of Casino Tropez bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Casino Tropez promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Casino Tropez online offers.
  173. Review of Casino-On-Net bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Casino-On-Net download, promotions, tournaments and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Casino-On-Net offers.
  174. Casinos Hopeful About Blackjack Movie - Casinos are hopeful that they will receive some benefits from the movie '21'. Like what the book 'Beating the Dealer' did back in the 1960s.
  175. Celebrities and Local Residents Celebrate Blackjack Debut at Seminole Casino - Celebrities and ordinary participated in the celebration for the card games debut at the Seminole casino. There are also other card games that are available on the casino like baccarat.
  176. Celebrity blackjack - Read about the history and origin of the Celebrity Blackjack tournament and why it continues to be such a hit on TV.
  177. Celtic Casino Launches Live Blackjack With Early Payout - Celtic Casino launched their Live Blackjack with Early Payout on December 7th, 2009. The game offers gamers the chance to interact with a live dealer while playing blackjack.
  178. Review of Cherry Casino bonuses, software and games - Learn about Cherry Casino promotions and tournaments. A detailed review on the bonus rewards, games and software that Cherry Casino offers players.
  179. Review of Cherry Red Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete evaluation of Cherry Red Casino promotions, tournaments, software download and casino games. An independent review of Cherry Red Casino.
  180. Review of Club World Casino bonuses, software and games - Independent review of Club World Casino. Discover their exceptional bonuses, promotions & tournaments. They also offer a free software download.
  181. College Students In Minnesota Bet On Blackjack - College Students in Minnesota are find themselves trying blackjack at some point in their college years. A recent study found almost 90 percent of students admitting to trying the game. College officials are trying to put into place efforts to help treat these gambling addictions.
  182. Colorado Casinos Studies Lower Blackjack Payout Scheme - The casinos in Colorado are contemplating on whether to implement the 6-5 payout for the game of blackjack. Casinos will pay $12 on a $10 wager in this scheme.
  183. Colorado Gaming Control Board Approves 6-to-5 Payout Change for Blackjack - The Gaming Board passed a rule change allowing casinos to implement a 6-5 payout change for blackjack. Casinos can start using the payout change on April 30th, 2010.
  184. Colorado Plans to Change Betting Limit on Blackjack Games - An initiative that aims to change the betting limit on blackjack games will appear on the November 2008 ballot. There are also plans to introduced craps and roulette to casinos in Colorado.
  185. Colourful Carnival Promotion at Inter Casino - Play your way to an incredible holiday in Rio De Janeiro or a share of a $8400 prize pool in Inter Casino's latest promotion.
  186. Copyright - Copyright -
  187. Comparing Blackjack Card Counting Systems - Comparing Blackjack Card Counting Systems to help you find the best blackjack card counting system for you.
  188. Crescent City School of Gaming and Bartending Opens in Biloxi - As the Gulf Coast rebuilds after Hurricane Katrina, The Crescent City School of Gaming and Bartending has reopened to train workers to meet the growing needs of the gaming industry. The school offers training for casino employees in all areas of the gaming industry.
  189. Crown Casino Could Face Heavy Fines if Proven Guilty of Changing Their Blackjack Rules in Bad Faith - According to the Victoria Commission, the Crown Casino, the only casino in Melbourne, may have to pay some serious fines if proven guilty of changing their Blackjack rule in bad faith.
  190. Crown Casino Officials Changes the Odds on its Blackjack Tables - Crown Casino changed the odds of its blackjack tables which gives the casino more earnings. The changes were approved by the Victoria Commission for Gambling Regulation.
  191. Cryptologic Releases New Online Games - Cryptologic release new games that will help the company solidify its position in the industry. Hadfield said that they always make games that will benefit their gamers and online customers.
  192. Customers Dismayed at Seminole Tribe Table Gambling Limits - A lot of players were disappointed with the gaming table limits of the Seminole Hollywood casino. But Seminole officials were quick to rectify the situation.
  193. CyberArts Debuts Online Blackjack and Chinese Poker 1/3 Game - CyberArts will debut their blackjack and Chinese poker gmes on October 2nd-4th, 2007. The games will offer operators the chance to have full control over the game and different sets of advantages.
  194. DEQ Debuts Lucky Player Jackpot for Blackjack Market - DEQ Systems has recently debut their Lucky Player Jackpot gaming system. It is specifically designed for the blackjack segment of the gaming industry.
  195. DISH Network To Air Gamblers Guide To Online Poker And Blackjack - Players Network, Inc. has launched a pay-per-view that features 'Gamblers Guide to Online Poker and Blackjack.' The show will run 24 hours from August 7 until August 26, 2006 and is available exclusively on te DISH Network.
  196. Double Exposure - Descriptive set of rules for Double Exposure blackjack variation.
  197. Dealer options - A description of the plays the dealer must make in blackjack and his options.
  198. Deposits and Withdrawals - Frequently asked questions about depositing and withdrawing money at online blackjack casinos.
  199. Devilfish Casinos Double Exposure Blackjack - Devilfish Casino unveiled their new Double Exposure blackjack on March 15th, 2010. Devilfishs Paul Barnes said that players will surely love this new innovation.
  200. Offers Numerous Online Casino Tournaments Like Blackjack Attack - recently launch their online casino tournaments for games like blackjack, video poker and slot machines. Top three players will win 80 euros, 40 euros and 20 euros respectively.
  201. Disclaimer - Disclaimer -
  202. Double exposure - Introduction to Double Exposure, a blackjack variation also known as Face-Up 21 and Dealer Disclosure.
  203. Doubling down - Learn how to increase your initial bet using the basic doubling down blackjack method.
  204. Blackjack Doubling Down Strategy - The blackjack doubling down strategy guide would instruct you when to double or not in a standard blackjack game.
  205. Double after Splitting - Small notes about the doubling after splitting rule.
  206. Review of Doyles Casino bonuses, software and games - Evaluation of Doyles Brunson’s online casino. Doyles Casino has a big deposit bonus, attractive promotions, superb game play & quality software.
  207. Dwek Owes $1.1 Million To Former Owner Of His Floating Casino - Dweks company owns and operates a floating casino that offers the game of blackjack amongst their other holdings. Dwek bought the boat from Winston Knauss for $2.5 million, but still owes Knauss $1.1 million of the original price.
  208. EUCasino Launches Danish Ad Campaign - EUCasino announces TV, radio and print advertising in a bid to increase awareness of the brand.
  209. Review of EUcasino bonuses, software and games - EUcasino bonus and rewards review and software evaluation. See detailed assessment of EUcasino offers.
  210. Einiger takes home Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) St. Kitts Leg Title - Ken Einiger, 2005 World Blackjack Champion, won the St. Kitts leg of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT). This win earned him a $10,000 seat at the year-end UBT championship in California.
  211. Elvis The King Is Newest Elvis Themed Slot From WagerWorks - WagerWorks has added a new Elvis slot, the Elvis the King online slot, to its portfolio of online slot games. The new game has exciting new bonuses.
  212. Emotion control - Emotions at the Blackjack Table are not good. You want to control them at the table and this guide will help you do so.
  213. Employees Going Back To Work At Mississippi Casinos - A year ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 12 casinos on Mississippis Gulf Coast. After a year, these casinos are slowly reopening and going back in business and providing an devestated region the chance to work again.
  214. Enterasia Develops Crazy 21 Blackjack Variation - Enterasia recently developed Crazy 21 to add to their casino games portfolio. The officials of the company hope that this will be a significant contribution to the industry.
  215. Review of Euro Grand Casino bonuses, software and games - An independent evaluation of what Euro Grand Casino offers. Learn about their bonus rewards, progressive jackpots, downloads and mobile casino.
  216. Review of Europa Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete review of Europa Casino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Europa Casino online offers.
  217. Review of Everest Casino bonuses, software and games - Find out important details about what Everest Casino offers. A complete summary of their downloads, games, promotions and overall set up.
  218. Excapsa Buying Software Development Company To Launch Blackjack Line - Canadian company, Excapsa, is seeking to buy a software development company that will serve its company in online gaming. They intend to have a blackjack tournament by the third quarter of this year and expand their offerings to mobile phone software.
  219. Extreme 21 - Read about Extreme 21, a blackjack variant that offers no special payouts but has special attributes such as a dealer that doesn't stand.
  220. Extreme 21 - Descriptive set of rules for the extreme 21 variation.
  221. Federal Government Extends the Deadline for Florida and Seminole Talks - The federal government has extended the deadline for the gaming talks between Florida and the Seminole Tribe. The deadline has been extended until September 11th, 2007.
  222. First Season of The Ultimate Blackjack Tour Airs on WGN - January 21, 2007, the first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour began to air on WGN. The first season will also include 2 specials, The Ladies of Blackjack and The Legends of Blackjack.
  223. Florida Allows "Virtual Blackjack" at State Pari-Mutuel Facilities - Florida officials has given the go signal to permit virtual blackjack at Florida pari-mutuels. Pari-mutuel officials said that the machines will allow them to attract more customers.
  224. Florida House Finally Approves Third Seminole Gaming Compact - Gov. Crist and the Florida legislature finally approved a 20 year Seminole compact on April 20th, 2010. The deal will allow the tribe to continue offering blackjack at their casinos.
  225. Florida House Petitions National Indian Gaming Commission to Stop Seminole Casino Table Games - Speaker Larry Cretul petitioned the NIGC to stop the card games at Seminole gaming facilities. The first gaming compact between Florida and the Seminoles was invalidated by the state court in 2008.
  226. Florida House and Senate May Call Special Session for Gaming Compact Issue - Sen. J.D. Alexander said that the legislature may call fo a special session to resolve the Seminole gaming issue. He said that they have to be really careful with their decision on the issue.
  227. Florida House and Senate Supports Different Gaming Compacts - The House and Senate is supporting two different gaming compacts. Governor Crist is trying to convince both sides to approve the first gaming compact.
  228. Florida Lawmakers Closer to Solving the Seminole Compact Issue - The new gaming deal will allow the Seminoles to continue offering blackjack and slot machines. State officials also have the option to review the deal after five years.
  229. Florida Lawmakers Continue to Tackle Gaming Compact Compromise - Floridas House is still opposed in allowing the Seminoles to offer blackjack but negotiators agreed to limit it to casinos in Tampa and Broward. Gov. Crist hopes for a quick solution to the issue.
  230. Florida Lawmakers and Seminole Officials Continues to Discuss Gaming Compact - Rep. Galvano said that he is hopeful that they are close to approving a compact with the Seminole tribe. The compact will allow the Seminoles to offer blackjack at 4 casinos.
  231. Florida Legislators Not in Favor of October Special Session for Seminole Gaming Compact - Florida lawmakers are hesitant to on the planned October special session to discuss the new Seminole gaming compact. Gov. Crist signed the new deal on August 31st, 2009.
  232. Florida Legislators Petitions National Indian Gaming Commission to Stop Seminole Gaming - Florida lawmakers petitioned the NIGC to order the Seminole tribe to stop offering casino games. House Speaker Larry Cretul said that it is impossible to negotiate a deal with the tribe.
  233. Florida Officials Considers Allowing Casino Table Games in Different Florida Gaming Facilities - Florida lawmakers are warming up to the idea of permitting pari-mutuels to offer casino games like blackjack. They said that it will directly compete with the Seminole casinos.
  234. Florida Officials and Seminole Tribe Hopeful for a Compromise on Gaming Deal - Both Florida officials and the Seminole are hopeful that they could reach a compromise on a new gaming compact. The deal will give the tribe a 5 year monopoly on blackjack.
  235. Florida Officials and Seminoles Reaches a Compromise on New Gaming Compact - Florida lawmakers and the Seminoles finally finalize a gaming agreement on April 21st, 2010. The deal will allow the tribe to offer blackjack and Class III slot machines.
  236. Florida Officials and Seminoles to Discuss Merits of New Compact in October 2009 - Rep. Bill Galvano said that there are still a lot of points of contention with the new Seminole compact. The new compact will be discuss by the legislature in October 2009.
  237. Florida Pari-Mutuel Facilities Not in Favor of New Seminole Gaming Compact - Florida pari-mutuels criticized the compact signed by Gov. Crist and the Seminole tribe. Palm Beach Kennel Club head Michael Glenn said that the new compact will only cripple the industry.
  238. Florida Pari-Mutuel Facilities to Benefit from New Seminole Gambling Agreement - Izzy Havenick said that he is hopeful about the new compact being negotiated between Florida and the Seminoles. The deal would allow Seminole Immokalee to keep blackjack.
  239. Florida Pari-Mutuels to Offer Casino Table Games Themed Machines - Florida pari-mutuels can now offer machines that are patterned after the casino games like blackjack. This is the result of the agreement between regulators, Gulfstream Park and Bally.
  240. Florida Senate Approves Gaming Bill for Florida Pari-mutuels and Seminole Immokalee Casino - The Florida Senate gaming bill will allow pari-mutuels to offer video slot machines. The Seminole Immokalee will also be able to offer games like craps aside from blackjack.
  241. Florida Senate Creates New Seminole Gaming Proposal - The new Senate Seminole proposal will give the tribe the chance to offer blackjack at 4 of its 7 casinos. But it will prohibit Gov. Crist and the tribe from changing it.
  242. Florida Senate and House Races to Secure Gaming Compact Before End of Legislative Session - The upper and lower chambers of Florida are trying to finished a compromise gaming compact agreement. Governor Crist are urging the two legislative bodies to finish the issue before the break.
  243. Florida Senate and House Struggles to Find Middle Ground in Seminole Gaming Compact - The Florida Senate and House are trying to find a common ground with their compact. But Rep. Galvano said that what is difficult is convincing the Seminoles about the merits of the final compact.
  244. Florida State Lawmakers and Seminole Officials Close to Finalizing a Gaming Agreement - The Seminole tribe and Florida lawmakers are close to creating a new gaming compact. Rep. Bill Galvano is the leading House negotiator in the compact discussions.
  245. Football Fever at Europa Casino - Europa Casino is running a special football promotion with plenty of great bonuses to be won.
  246. Football slot games pay big at Spin Palace - Read about how football slot games at the Spin Palace have paid out some big wins in recent times.
  247. Former Blackjack Player Hits Big With Poker - Michael Binger, a physicist at the Standford Linear Accelerator Center, enjoyed playing blackjack over the years until his friends influence him to try his luck at poker. Playing Poker helped him land in third place at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
  248. Free internet blackjack - Internet blackjack offers, including a free edition provided by some known online casinos.
  249. Free blackjack - Free blackjack games are fun, easy, and most importantly, they don't cost you a cent. In this guide you'll find where to play these games and how.
  250. GET21 Shuts Down Blackjack Tournaments - Get21 recently announced that they will be stopping their blackjack tournament on July 15, 2007. They did not provide the reason for the shutdown.
  251. GPS Global Debuts Live Dealer Elimination Blackjack Gambling Software - GPS Global has recently released their live dealer elimination blackjack gaming software. Lawrence Davis said that this is just the first step for their company.
  252. GSN Allegedly Called A Format Theft - Ultimate Blackjack Tour has filed a lawsuit against GSN Network for format theft. Many reasons were included in the lawsuit filed against GSN. UBT is demanding that the show aired by GSN be stopped and they also asked for monetary damages.
  253. GSN Answers UBT Suit - As the airing debut for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour approaches the UBT and the Game Show Network are in dispute. UBT has filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court which GSN calls 'baseless and without merit.'
  254. GSN Launches Catch 21 With Merrill Heatter - GSN announced that they will show in their network the Catch 21 blackjack show with Merrill Heatter as the host. They will also show an extra special on July 19th, 2008.
  255. GSN Was Sued By Ultimate Blackjack Tour - The show Ultimate Blackjack is set to air starting September 16 under a two-season contract with CBS. Meanwhile, UBT has filed a lawsuit against the Game Show Network for breaching a contract that would block the cable net from airing the rival World Series of Blackjack.
  256. Gambling licenses issued for online gambling operators in Denmark - Denmark has issued gambling licenses to online gambling operators. Online gambling law will come into force from the 1st of January 2012.
  257. Game of blackjack - Follow this detailed set of rules for the game of blackjack.
  258. GameAccount Receives Associate Certificate from Alderney Commission to Offer Games Like Blackjack - Software manufacturer GameAccount has received the go signal to offer games like blackjack. One of the new licensees of GameAccount is Blue Square.
  259. GameAccount to Host London Blackjack Open Final - The London Blackjack Open Final will be on January 30th, 2010. The event will take place at the Casino at The Empire in London. GameAccount will be hosting the tournament.
  260. Gaming Analysts Protests Crown Casinos New Blackjack Rule - Gaming experts like Ron Parsons said that the new blackjack rule of Crown Casino only affects common players. The new rule will give the casino more chance to win in the game.
  261. Gaming Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Numerous Tournaments at - Gaming lovers will now be able to enjoy numerous tournaments like Blackjack Attack at the Aside from blackjack, gamers can also enjoy slot machines and video poker events.
  262. Getting started in online blackjack - Getting started in Online Blackjack - Comprhensive Guide to the Game of Blackjack, its Rules and Strategies
  263. Review of Go Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete summary to the Go Casino download, promotions, tournaments and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Go Casino offers.
  264. Gold Series Of Blackjack Released - Mcrogaming has launched the new and improved Gold Series Blackjack. The series features four new blackjack variations coupled with improved graphica and animations to create a very realiztic online gaming experience.
  265. Review of Golden Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to the Golden Casino download, promotions, tournaments and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Golden Casino offers.
  266. Review of Golden Palace Casino bonuses, software and games - Summary of Golden Palace Casino promotions, software download, tournaments and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Golden Palace Casino offers.
  267. Gov. Charlie Crist and Florida Legislature Discusses Seminole Gaming Compact - Gov. Crist and Florida officials are talking about creating a new Seminole gaming compact. Rep. Bill Galvano is the representative of the Florida legislature in the talks.
  268. Gov. Charlie Crist and Seminoles Starts Preliminary Talks on Gaming Compact Issue - The lawyers for Gov. Charlie Crist and the Seminoles started preliminary talks on July 1st, 2009. Both sides are hopeful to make a new agreement before August 31st, 2009.
  269. Gov. Crist Renew Talks With Seminoles for New Gaming Compact - Barry Richard said that the Seminoles may take the gaming compact issue to the federal government if no agreement is reach. Governor Crist have until August 2009 to reach a new agreement.
  270. Gov. Crist and Seminole Tribe Crafts New Gaming Agreement - Gov. Crist and the Seminoles are hoping that their new gaming agreement will convince the House to take another look at their 2007 compact. Marc Dunbar believes that a compromise is coming soon.
  271. Gov. Mitch Daniels Open to the Idea of Card Counting - Gov. Mitch Daniels said that he hopes that the case between Thomas Donovan and the Grand Victoria will be resolve soon. He said that he is not against card counting.
  272. Gov. Rendell and Pennsylvania Legislature Approves New Deal to Balance State Budget - The deal approved by Gov. Rendell and the legislature will raise cigarette and business taxes as well as permit casino table games. Non-profits also criticized the six percent tax on their sales.
  273. Governor Charlie Crist Approves New Gaming Deal With Seminole Tribe - Gov. Crist approved a gaming compact with the Seminoles on August 31st, 2009. Gov. Crist plans to call a special session in October 2009 to present the deal before Florida legislators.
  274. Governor Charlie Crist Approves New Seminole Gaming Compact - Gov. Charlie Crist signed the new compact with the Seminole tribe on April 28th, 2010. This is the third time that a gaming compact was made between the state and the tribe.
  275. Governor Charlie Crist Renegotiates With Seminole Tribe Regarding Gaming Agreement - Governor Crist will again negotiate with the Seminole tribe for a new gaming compact. Florida legislators recently approved a compromise gaming compact for Seminole gaming.
  276. Governor Crist Formally Re-Signs Seminole Gaming Compact amidst Festive Atmosphere - Gov. Crist formally resigned the Seminole compact on June 2nd, 2010 at Seminole Hollywood reservation. Gov. Crist helped the tribe pushed for a compact in the Florida House.
  277. Governor Crist Negotiating With Seminoles to Increase Annual Gaming Payments - Governor Crist is talking with the Seminole tribe if they can increase their annual gaming payments. He said that the House and Senate might consider the agreement if there is payment increase.
  278. Governor Crist Petitions for A Rehearing on Seminole Gambling Compact - Crist is petitioning to changed the earlier invalidation of the Seminole gaming compact by the Supreme Court. Marco Rubio filed the case regarding the gaming compact before the Supreme Court.
  279. Review of Grand Mondial Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete summary for Grand Mondial Casino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Grand Mondial Casino offers.
  280. Griffin investigations Helping Casinos Combat Card Counting. - Griffin Investigations is an exclusive supplier of surveillance services which are meant to assist detection of blackjack card counters, the company is working for world-wide casinos ever since 1967.
  281. Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino Offers Virtual Blackjack Machines - Gulfstream Park installed Virtual Blackjack machines on December 5th, 2009. Park officials said that they hope to offer video keno.
  282. Hard and Soft Hands - Learn the meaning of a hard and a soft hand, which is a vital part of learning how to play blackjack and is also a part of the blackjack basics.
  283. Harrahs 14 Percent Blackjack Popularity Making It A Trendsetter - A recent survey of recereational gamblers has shown that 14% of them play blackjack. Harrahs Entertainment is hoping to cash in on blackjacks growing popularity and turn it into the popular game that poker is currently.
  284. High Low Card Counting System - The The High/Low Card Counting System for Blackjack is the most basic and fundamental card counting technique that should be the first learned by a blackjack card counter.
  285. Hit or stand - Learn when to either hit or stand. one of the most basic blackjack decisions to be made.
  286. Horseshoe Casino Hosts Blackjack Event - The Horseshoe Casino facility will host a legendary blackjack event that is sure to attract top players all over the world. The event will have a pre-registration on March 27th, 2008.
  287. Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game for Blackjack Players - The Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game, a newly released blackjack strategy system, has been released. The DVD and game teach players how to beat Vegas by successfully cracking the blackjack code by card counting.
  288. House Gaming Proposal to Scale Back Seminole Gaming - House officials said that they are planning to ask Gov. Crist to stop the Seminoles from offering blackjack and baccarat. Gov. Crist said that he is still hopeful about the original compact.
  289. House Proposal to Permit Pari-Mutuels to Offer Blackjack - Floridas House proposal will permit pari-mutuels in the state to offer blackjack and a poker room. The proposal will also cut the taxes that pari-mutuels are paying from 50% to 35%.
  290. House of Delegates Approves Blackjack and Other Table Games - House Bill 2718 that allows blackjack and other table games in the 4 racetrack counties is now finally approved in Congress.
  291. Enroll blackjack tournament - Learn about how to sign up for a blackjack tournament and what to expect when you enter into your first blackjack tournament.
  292. Howard Dreitzer Appointed as Vice President of Table Games - Howard Dreitzer were hired by the Seminole Tribe as Vice President for Table Games like Blackjack. He has previously worked with Caesars Entertainment.
  293. Indiana Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Thomas Donovan in Blackjack Case - The Indiana court decided in favor of Thomas Donovan in a case against the Grand Victoria Casino. The court said that the casino cannot ban Donovan from blackjack because he counts cards.
  294. Indiana Supreme Court Continues to Discuss Tom Donovan Case - The Supreme Court of Indiana is still discussing Tom Donovans card counting case. The court is expected to reach a decision in a few months.
  295. Insurance - A special option for placing sidebets in special situations.
  296. InterCasino Offers Blackjack Bonanza Tournament - Intercasino will begin offering the Blackjack Bonanza Tournament from September 21st-September 30th, 2008. Intercasino hopes that their players will enjoy the tournament.
  297. Review of Intercasino bonuses, software and games - Complete review of Intercasino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on the features that Intercasino offers.
  298. International Casino Dealers Academy Launches Blackjack, Roulette DVD - The International Casino Dealers Academy recently launched their poker, blackjack and roulette DVD. The DVD aims to teach would be casino dealers proper dealing technique.
  299. Intertops Casino releases Loch Ness Loot slot game - Learn about the new Loch Ness Loot slot game that players can now enjoy at Intertops Casino.
  300. Interwetten Going Live With Casino Games - Microgaming recently announced that Interwetten will soon be going live with their casino games courtesy of Microgaming. Both sides are happy with the partnership.
  301. Intro card counting - Learn how to become a card counting phenom. It's not as hard as you think to get started but it takes a lot of work to become a pro.
  302. Isle Casino Files Case Against Seminole Tribe to Stop Blackjack and Other Card Games - The Isle Casino filed a case before the state Supreme Court to stop the Seminole Tribe from offering card games like Blackjack. They said that it is not allowed under the current IGRA.
  303. Jackpot Factory Group Launches Four Blackjack Games - Jackpot Factory has added four new games from Microgaming for blackjack. The games are from the Gold Series of Blackjack: Classic Blackjack Gold, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold, Bonus Blackjack Gold and Big 5 Blackjack Gold.
  304. Jadestone Networks Announces Availability of GamArena Games Through bwin Italy - Jadestone Network stated that their GamArena games are now available on bwin Italy. The game of blackjack is fast becoming the favorite game of Italian players.
  305. James Campfield Participates in The Split Blackjack Event - Blackjack player James Campfield was given the opportunity to participate in Winstar Casinos 'The Split' Blackjack Tournament. The finals will be held on August 16th, 2008.
  306. James F. Allen Criticizes Florida Legislature for Lack of Effort on Gaming Compact Issue - James F. Allen criticized the state legislature for not doing enough to solve the gaming issue. The legislature dismissed the 2nd gaming agreement signed between Gov. Crist and the tribe.
  307. Jay Walker Launches Blackjack With Guaranteed Play at the Barona Casino - The Blackjack with Guaranteed Play by Jay Walker gives players the opportunity for more hands with only a minimum cost. Baronas Salinas said that the game helps them to attract more customers.
  308. Jefferson County Voters Approves Casino Table Games Proposal - Voters in Jefferson County decided in favor of the casino table games proposal on December 5th, 2009. The games will be offered at Charles Town Races and Slots.
  309. Jenny McCarthy Deals Blackjack for the Playboy Club at Palms Casino Resort - Jenny McCarthy became a Playboy blackjack dealer at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino. Palms Casino owner, George Maloof, said that they are pleased and proud to have McCarthy as a dealer at their club.
  310. Joe Fisher Participates in The World Series of BlackJack on GSN - Joe Fisher is one of the three men from Michigan that participated in the Blackjack tournament in Las Vegas Hilton. Fisher also participated in the World Series of BlackJack (WSOBJ) on the Game Show Network (GSN).
  311. Judge Stephan Mickle Dismisses Pompano Case Against the Seminole Tribe - Judge Mickle dismiss the lawsuit filed by Pompano Park. The Seminole Tribe continues to offer blackjack and other card games because of the decision.
  312. Kanawha County Casino Vote Hangs in the Balance - The votes regarding the casino table games expansion are still close by a minimal margin in Kanawha County. But supporters say that they are confident enough that they have enough votes.
  313. Record wins and losses - Learn why keeping a record of your wins and losses in blackjack is essential to extending your bankroll.
  314. Kevin Belinkoff's Gambling Experience Benefits GSN - Kevin Belinkoff's experience as a blackjack player has certainly benefited the cable channel GSN, where he is currently Vice President of Programming. The network has just finished taping the 2007 World Series of Blackjack.
  315. King Of Nepal Finds Comfort In Playing Blackjack Online - King Gyanendra is facing political stress lately. He handed his power over to a multi-party government. His attempt to bring back his monarchy powers has driven him into palace confinement and he is now playing blackjack online as a distraction.
  316. Leap forward for Online Gambling in Bulgaria - The Bulgarian parliament have adopted a new law to regulate online gambling in a bid to generate up to €50m in revenue.
  317. Learn blackjack - Methods you can use for learning how to play blackjack and its different strategies
  318. Life As A Casino VIP Playing Blackjack - Premium players at casinos talked about how they gamble millions of dollars at the blackjack table. They would lose tonight and come back again tomorrow. Probably they will win the next time they sit at a blackjack table again.
  319. Live Dealer Blackjack Tournament Launch by CasinoWebcam - New exciting Blackjack tournaments were launch by CasinoWebcam. Cash prizes and huge bonuses awaits blackjack online casino players.
  320. Deep penetration - Read why card counting and basic strategy are not enough to beat the casinos. Deep penetration is the key to success.
  321. Lucky Blackjack Player Wins $17,000 From Lasseters Multi-Hand Blackjack - Blackjack Player, Jeremy M. of the United States, is one lucky guy. With just a $50 deposit he has won over $17,000 while playing Multi-Hand Blackjack at Lasseters Online Casino. Lasseters is licensed by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.
  322. Card counting fallacy - Learn why card counting isn't error-proof and how to avoid what the experts call the 'card counter's fallacy'.
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  324. Lucky18 Online Casino Hosts Blackjack Bowl Event - Lucky 18 casino is currently hosting the Blackjack Bowl tournament. Players can win as much $21,000 in the Main Event.
  325. Offers Blackjack Tournaments Throughout the Month of March - will be hosting blackjack events every Monday all throughout the month of March. The finals of the blackjack tournament will be on April 15th, 2009.
  326. MIT Blackjack Alumni Inspires Blackjack Movie - The Harvard Bridge was closed down on April 22, 2007 for the filming of the opening scene of the Blackjack movie, 21. The movie is based on the famed Blackjack team of MIT.
  327. The MIT Blackjack Team - During the 1990's a group of MIT students hit the Blackjack tables and scooped millions of dollars using team work and advanced card counting systems.
  328. MOTO Unveils Multi-Touch Casino Table Experience for Blackjack and Texas Holdem at Gaming Expo - MOTO launched their multi-touch casino table experience for Blackjack and Texas Holdem on November 17th, 2009. MOTO VP Margeigh Novotny said that they have high hopes for the product.
  329. Review of Magic Box Casino bonuses, software and games - Find out what to expect from Magic Box Casino. They offer a free software download, many promotions, bonus opportunities and exciting casino games.
  330. Mansion Casino Gives Points and Bonuses for Playing Casino Games Like Blackjack and Roulette - Mansion Casino is offering their customers the opportunity to win points by just playing casino games like blackjack. Players can also exchange their points for additional money.
  331. Review of Mansion Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Mansion Casino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Mansion Casino offers.
  332. Mardi Gras Race Track and Gaming Center to Offer Casino Games like Blackjack - Mardi Gras Race Track is currently preparing to offer casino games like blackjack, poker and others. They are currently conducting job fairs in three different counties from May 5th to May 8th, 2008.
  333. MatchPlay 21 - Introduction to the triple 7s blackjack variation, a variant than involves regular blackjack and characters from the famous slots machines.
  334. Matchplay 21 - Descriptive set of rules for the Matchplay 21 blackjack variation.
  335. Michael Aponte and David Irvine Conduct Blackjack Seminars - MIT blackjack teammates David Irvine and Michael Aponte will conduct blackjack seminars all over the United States. The locations for the seminars will be announced as soon as possible.
  336. Michael Trentalange Represents Losing Seminole Blackjack Players Against Seminole Casino - Michael Trentalange is the lawyer representing losing blackjack players against the Seminole tribe. He believes that the Seminole blackjack game is illegal since there is no gaming compact.
  337. Microgaming Launches Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot Games - Microgaming recently debut their Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot Casino Games. Microgaming has high hopes for their games and hopes that their players will love it.
  338. Microgaming Publicly Debuts Hitman Slots and Multiplayer Blackjack Event at the 7th EiG Expo - Gaming company Microgaming will be introducing their multiplayer blackjack and hitman slot games at the 7th EIG expo. The expo will start on September 23rd, 2008.
  339. Microgaming Releases New Games for Loyal Players - Microgaming released three new bingo side games for its devoted players on January 25th, 2010. The gaming software provider also released the Classic Blackjack Gold game.
  340. Microgaming Releases New Live Dealer Casino Games - Microgaming Release its new live dealer casino games like Live Blackjack on January 25th, 2010. JackpotCity is one of the online casinos that offer the new live dealer games.
  341. Microgaming and Interwetten Seals Online Gaming Partnership - Microgaming and Interwetten recently finalized an online gambling deal. Interwetten is now responsible for more than 400 games including its multiplayer blackjack.
  342. Review of Millionaire Casino bonuses, software and games - Find out all details on what Millionaire Casino offers. This evaluation reviews Millionaire Casino bonus rewards, game selection and software download.
  343. Mississippi Agents Help Arrest Suspects in Blackjack Casino Cheating Ring - Mississippi Agents helped arrest suspects involved in an international cheating ring involving the game of Blackjack.
  344. Mohegan Sun Casino to Offer Blackjack Machines if Approved by the Pennsylvania State Gaming Board - With the approval of the Pennsylvania State Gaming Board, The Mohegan Sun will be able to offer electronic Blackjack gaming in their casino with machines that can accommodate around 5 players.
  345. Mohegan Sun Installs Multiplayer Video Table Games - The Mohegan Sun at the Pocono Downs installed eight video blackjack games and slot machines on June 6, 2007. The game does not need a live dealer.
  346. Mohegan Sun Prepares for Casino Table Games - Mohegan Sun officials are preparing to offer casino table games like blackjack to their gaming floor. The casino needs 600 full-time positions for the gaming expansion.
  347. Much Anticipated UBT Airs on CBS This September - The Ultimate Blackjack Tour will air on CBS beginning this Spetember. The 10 episode run is pretaped and is the first of two seasons under contract to CBS. Eash episode will feature 30 hands leading to an elimination of players.
  348. Multi action - Multi action is a unique option in blackjack which allows players to simultaneously play with 3 separated hands.
  349. Multi Level Card Counting System - The Multi Level Blackjack Card Counting System - Your Second Step to mastering Blackjack Card Counting
  350. Multi-Level Blackjack Events at - is currently hosting blackjack events for blackjack players every Monday night for the whole month of March. Weekly winners can win as much as $1,000.
  351. Multi-Year Deal Signed Between Cryptologic and NeoGames - Cryptologic has recently entered a multi-year deal with NeoGames, providing a selection of its games to over 30 online casinos powered by NeoGames.
  352. Multiple Action Blackjack - Rules for the multiple action blackjack variant.
  353. Narragansett Tribe Against Governor Carcieri Over Casino and Virtual Blackjack Machines - Sachem Matthew Thomas criticized Gov. Carcieri regarding the issue of the casino and the Virtual Blackjack Machines. Thomas said that Governor is a hypocrite because of his contradicting actions.
  354. NetPlay Television Launches Live Blackjack Program - NetPlay TV recently debut their Live Blackjack Television on Sky Channel. They also plan to combine Live Blackjack and Live Roulette on June 2008.
  355. NetPlay Television to Launch Blackjack Channel - NetPlay Television will soon debut a blackjack channel alongside their roulette channel. The company is hoping that their customers will enjoy it together with their live roulette channel.
  356. Network Game Account Announces their New Blackjack Game - Network GameAccount recently announced that they have launched a multiplayer Blackjack game that encourages players to use card counting and Blackjack techniques.
  357. Nevada Gaming Regulators Warns About iPhone-based Blackjack Card Counting System - The gaming regulators recently released a warning regarding the iPhone-based card counting device. Casino facilities generally frown upon players using card counting because they win more often.
  358. New Blackjack Movie About the MIT Blackjack Team - The blackjack movie '21', is all about the MIT blackjack team who tried to defeat casinos in blackjack back in the 1970s. It stars Kate Bosworth,Laurence Fishburne and others.
  359. New Deal Gaming Launches Bluff 21 Blackjack Game at - New Deal Gaming rolled out its Bluff 21 game at Bluff 21 allows gamers to compete with one another. Players can also experience how to a dealer on the game.
  360. New Jerseys Back in Business - Governor Jon Corzine signed a new budget for the State of New Jersey ending the previous state shutdown caused by the budget impass. The 3 day shutdown of Atlantic City cost the casinos an estimated $60 million with a loss of about $4.5 million in revenues to the State.
  361. New Promotions at 7 Sultans Casino - Free spins and mystery gifts are currently up for grabs at 7 Sultans, in addition to its regular bonus offerings.
  362. North Carolina Authority Offers Million Blockbuster Together With Double Blackjack - The Million Blockbuster gives a lot of opportunities for players to win compared with other games. Aside from that, The Double Blackjack is a $2 game with 5 prizes of $21,000.
  363. Oaklawn Park Adds Electronic Blackjack Game - Oaklawn Park improved its electronic gambling floor by adding electronic blackjack machines for its players. The gaming floor will have a soft opening on January 15th, 2010.
  364. Blackjack Casino Reviews - Find the Best Blackjack Casino Reviews Online - Online casino reviews to help gather information to gamble on the internet. Includes software, bonus and game guide
  365. Online Gaming Industry Expected to Rise by Ten Percent per Year - The global online gaming industry is expected to rise annually by as much as ten percent as more and more land based gamblers switch to online casinos.
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  369. Oscar-Nominated Actress Jennifer Tilly Plays at the UBT - The much-awaited 'Ultimate Blackjack Tournament' is scheduled for its airing debut this September 16 at the CBS-TV. The season will feature heavy hitters like Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly and other professional players.
  370. Paddy Power Offers Different Games for Customers Like Blackjack - Paddy Power continues to improve their gaming offering to their customers by expanding to other games like poker. Paddy Power also features blackjack events every Thursdays.
  371. PartyGaming Experience Good Performance for the 3rd Quarter - Online company PartyGaming posted good results for the 3rd quarter of the year. But the new member sign-up of the site has suffered during this period.
  372. Paul Hornung, Other Football Greats Participates at Blackjack Event by Gridiron Greats - Retired football player Paul Harnung played at the Blackjack event organized by the Gridiron Greats. The events raised $20,000 for retired football players.
  373. Payout Poker and Casino Offers Blackjack To PSP Fans - Blackjack is now accessible on the Playstation Portable. The Payout Poker and Casino by Namco Bandai Games America has been released and is already winning fans with its 14 games. The games can be played either solo or in team modes.
  374. Pennsylvania Casino Games Supporters Reiterates Advantages of Casino Games at Harrisburg Hearing - Pennsylvania casino games supporters denied the claims of the racing industry that the games will not help earn additional profit. The main author of the proposal is House Democrat William DeWeese.
  375. Pennsylvania Casino Table Games Proposal Receives Approval from State Legislature - Pennsylvanias legislature approved the casino table games proposal on January 7th, 2010. The bill will allow casinos to offer casino table games like blackjack and others.
  376. Pennsylvania Debates Pros and Cons of Casino Gaming Expansion - Rep. Bill DeWeeses casino gaming expansion is drawing mix reactions for state officials. Sen. Pat Browne said that he has not yet seen the proposal so he will defer his judgment for the meantime.
  377. Pennsylvania Gaming Board Electronic Casino Table Games Decision Criticize by State Legislators - State legislators criticized the gaming boards decision to allow electronic games like blackjack in Pennsylvania. Senator Patrick Browne said that it has no difference with the normal casino games.
  378. Pennsylvania House and Senate Gives Green Light to Casino Table Games Plan - The Pennsylvania legislature approved a compromise version of the table games bill that will balance the state budget. Players will be able to enjoy games like blackjack.
  379. Pennsylvania Legislators Continues to Discuss Casino Gaming Proposal - The debate for casino gaming in Pennsylvania continues to be a heated one as officials continue to clashed on some of the provisions. Legislators hope that gaming revenues will help solve the deficit.
  380. Pennsylvania Legislators Evaluates Approval of Casino Games - Legislators in Pennsylvania are still reviewing on whether or not they will allow casino in the state. Lawmakers are still not decided on the licensing cost and tax rate for the casino games.
  381. Pennsylvania Legislators Having Difficulty Resolving Casino Table Games Issue - Gov. Rendell said that he will hold up $730 million in additional funding for state schools unless the gaming issue is resolve. He said that casino games will help solve the budget deficit.
  382. Pennsylvania Legislators Work Out Casino Table Games Details - Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are still working out the details regarding allowing casino table games in state casinos. The revenue from the games will be use to balance the budget.
  383. Pennsylvania Legislators under Pressure to Approve Budget and Casino Table Games Proposal - Pennsylvania lawmakers are under increasing pressure to pass their state budget and resolve the casino table games issue. Casinos want a lower tax rate on casino table games.
  384. Pennsylvania Legislature Fails to Tackle Casino Table Games Issue - Pennsylvania officials failed to convene on December 14th, 2009 to review the casino table games proposal. Lisa Powers of Penn State said that they are hoping that the issue will be resolve.
  385. People Are Talking About The Ultimate Blackjack Tour - Everybody involved in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is very excited with the coming of September 16 when the show debuts. They are all positive that the show will be a success around the world due to its unique elimination format and dealer hole camera.
  386. Philadelphia Park Casino Now Offers Electronic Blackjack - Philadelphia Park Casino is now the first gaming facility in Pennsylvania to offer Blackjack games because technically, the tables are not 'Table Games' but rather joined slot machines.
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  395. Producers Betting Big On CBSs Ultimate Blackjack Tour - Ultimate Blackjack Tours producers Jon Moonves and Houston Curtis are betting that the show will be a huge success. They have already spent over $1 million on the show which will begin airing on CBS on September 16th.
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  400. Anthony curtis -'s profile of Anthony Curtis who used his winnings to publish his own magazine, the Las Vegas Advisor.
  401. Arnold snyder -'s profile of Arnold Snyder, expert blackjack player, prolific author and disciple of mathematics and reason.
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  407. Charlie ergen - Profile of Charlie Ergen who founded an extremely successful satellite communications company, EchoStar Communications Corporation.
  408. Dave stann - Profile of Dave Stann: an unforgettable entertainer, blackjack player and card-carrying MENSA member.
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  431. Raid to find Strip-Poker Den ends in Failure - Thai police conducted a raid this week to find a fabled strip-poker den, but were disappointed by an empty building.
  432. Reading the dealer - Tips, Strategy and Advice as to how to Read the Blackjack Dealer.
  433. RealTime Gaming Grows With Casino Software Business - RealTime Gaming is launching its new released software offering 5 different blackjack games in an exciting interface. The software features many user friendly amenities and the next version, 2.1, will feature a redesigned lobby and multi-player games.
  434. Reasonable winnings - Play blackjack like the pros: learn what Reasonable Winnings are and how to extend the life of your bankroll.
  435. Red Rock Casino and Palace Station Install DEQ Blackjack and Baccarat System - DEQ announced that Red Rock Casino and Palace Station Installed their Blackjack and Baccarat Systems. Both casinos said that they have gotten good reviews from the two systems from their customers.
  436. Rep. Bill Galvano Cancels October Session for New Seminole Gaming Deal - Rep. Galvano cancelled the October session for the new Seminole agreement. He said that he is not in favor with the new agreement because of the exclusivity clause given to the Seminole tribe.
  437. Resorts Casino to Launch Resorts Blackjack - The Resorts Casino Hotel will offer Retro Blackjack to its customers. The game will use the same rules in standard blackjack.
  438. Reverse Labouchere Betting System - This article explains to the beginning blackjack player how to use the Reverse Labouchere betting system to win at online blackjack
  439. Rhode Island Officials Approves Casino Table Games for Twin River and Newport Grand - The table games bill approved by Rhode Island officials will allow Twin River and Newport Grand to offer games like blackjack. The casino bill was approved on June 11th, 2010.
  440. Rick Fortin's Participation in The 2007 World Series of Blackjack - Blackjack player, Rick Fortin, is an outstanding participant of the blackjack tournament that will be shown on the GSN Network until August 27, 2007.
  441. Review of River Belle Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to River Belle Casino download, promotions, tournaments, and casino games. An independent evaluation on what River Belle Casino offers.
  442. Riverbelle Gives Players Chance to Win $100,000 for Playing Casino Game Like Blackjack - The Riverbelle Casino will give players the opportunity to win $10,000 by just playing a single casino game. Players just need 400 credits on any casino game on the site.
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  445. Rushmore Casino Launches Different Blackjack Offerings - Rushmore Casino officials announced on July 20th, 2009 the launched of their blackjack tournament. Players can choose from multi-table and single table tournaments.
  446. Review of Rushmore Casino bonuses, software and games - An independent evaluation of Rushmore Casino. Learn more about the games, promotions, software & blackjack tournaments they offer.
  447. Sands Bethlehem Casino to Offer Casino Table Games - The Sands Bethlehem Casino plans to feature casino table games like blackjack. Sheldon Adelson said that it will help the casino earn more profits.
  448. Saver Plus Will Launch Maximus Master Gaming Series of Instructional DVDs - Savers Plus International secured a deal on August 14th to market the Vegas Maximus Master Gaming Series of Blackjack Instructional DVDs. The DVDs will provide the new player with expert insight and tips into the game and how to win.
  449. Season IV of the World Series of Blackjack on GSN - The GSN Network will showcase the fourth season of the World Series of Blackjack starting on June 4, 2007. Once again, Matt Vasgersian will be the host of the WSOBJ.
  450. Seminole CEO James Allen Announces Debut of Blackjack on June 22nd, 2008 - James Allen said that beginning on June 22nd they will offer blackjack at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. COO John James said that they are hope that their customers will enjoy the game.
  451. Seminole Casino Immokalee Expands Its Gaming Area - The Seminole Immokalee casino recently expanded their gaming area. This is in response on more customer gaming demand for blackjack and other casino games.
  452. Seminole Casino Launches Special $10 Dollars 24/7 Blackjack Games - To commemorate the anniversary of the launch of casino table games, Seminole Hard Rock launch their special $10 dollars 24/7 blackjack games. Joe Giaimo said that they are happy about their success.
  453. Seminole Casino Offers Players $10 Minimum Blackjack Games - The Seminole Casino launched their $10 Minimum Blackjack offering on July 13th, 2009. Seminole casino games VP Joe Giaimo said that they are very happy with their gaming results.
  454. Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Conducts Free Casino Table Games Classes - The Seminole Hard Rock Casino offered casino table games classes on July 15th, 2009. Some of the games that participants learned are blackjack and let it ride poker.
  455. Seminole Hard Rock Offers Blackjack Tables and Class III Slot Machines - The Seminole Hard Rock Casino is a enjoyable place for players. Gamblers can also enjoy the blackjack tables of the casino, which was installed after the the tribes compact were approved.
  456. Seminole Opponents Plan Their Next Move on Blackjack Issue - Seminoles scored a victory with the ruling of Judge McKie that he has no power to stop the card games. The opponents of the tribe said that they will carefully think of their next move on the issue.
  457. Seminole Tampa to Postpone Offering Card Games Like Blackjack - The Seminole Tampa is postponing the debut of their casino card games like blackjack for the time being. The tribe wants to first clear out the gaming compact issue.
  458. Seminole Tribe Continues Card Game Operations Despite Supreme Court Ruling - The Blackjack operation of the Seminoles continues despite the decision of the Supreme Court to invalidate the compact of the tribe. The tribe plans to ask the help of the Federal Government.
  459. Seminole Tribe Prepares for the Launch of Blackjack on June 2008 - The Seminole Tribe is currently preparing for the launch of blackjack at their casinos in June. They are currently looking for dealers and gaming area employees to accommodate the expected demand.
  460. Seminole Tribe Pursues Blackjack Plan Despite Legal Problems - The Seminole Tribe will still offer card games like blackjack despite legal woes. They will begin offering blackjack and other card games on June 22nd, 2008.
  461. Seminole Tribe Reviews Gaming Proposal Approve by the Legislature - The Seminole officials are currently review the new gaming compact that the legislature approved. The new compact also affects horse and dog racing tracks and jai-alai frontons in Florida.
  462. Seminole Tribe and Florida Discuss Class III Casino Games - The Seminole Tribe and Florida are still working out a deal regarding Class III casino games. The Federal government said it will intervene if there is still no deal worked out
  463. Seminole Tribe to Appeal State Court Decision Regarding Class III Games on the State - The Seminoles plan to appeal the decision of the state court regarding the legality of their gambling compact. Barry Richards said that they will be able to change the decision by the court.
  464. Seminoles Allowed To Continue With Blackjack Games - The Seminole Tribe is continuing their blackjack operations after the decision of Judge McKie regarding the games. The Supreme Court has recently decided that the Seminole Gaming compact is invalid.
  465. Seminoles Announces the June 22nd Availability of Blackjack and Other Card Games - The Seminole Tribe commented that they will be offering blackjack and card games on June 22nd, 2008. They are also hoping to offer card games to their seven casinos in Florida.
  466. Seminoles Changes Betting Limits for Casino Card Games - Seminole officials lowered the gaming table limits at their card game tables. A lot of players are dismayed about the betting limits of the casino card games at the Seminole Hollywood casino.
  467. Seminoles Finally Receives Approval from State Senate to Offer Blackjack - The Florida Senate approved the Seminole compact on April 20th, 2010. The new compact will allow the Seminole tribe to continue offering blackjack at five of their casinos.
  468. Seminoles Looks For Potential Blackjack Casino Dealers - The Seminole Tribe is currently looking for blackjack dealers. The reason why is that they are getting ready to offer this game and other casino games in response to the gaming compact with Florida.
  469. Seminoles May Not Approve New Gaming Agreement - Barry Richard said that the Seminoles may not accept the new gaming compact. He said that the tribe finds the increase in yearly payments unacceptable because of the gaming restrictions.
  470. Seminoles Review Legislature Gaming Compact - The Seminole tribe is currently reviewing the compact that the Florida Legislature recently approved. Governor Crist has until August 31st, 2009 to negotiate a new gaming compact with the tribe.
  471. Senator Dennis Jones Pushes for Blackjack and Baccarat for Florida Pari-Mutuels - Senator Dennis Jones is introducing a bill that will allow pari-mutuels in Florida to offer blackjack and baccarat. He is also in favor of allowing electronic gaming machines at pari-mutuels.
  472. Shuffle Master Launches Virtual Gaming Table in Pennsylvania - Shuffle Master's Blackjack Table has been approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Board, meaning that it can be officially launched and players can now enjoy the game.
  473. Shuffle Master and CARD Acquires Rights to Blackjack Switch - Shuffle Master and CARD became the distributor for the game of Blackjack Switch. The game bears some similarities to traditional blackjack game.
  474. Single Level Card Counting System - The Single Level Blackjack Card Counting System - The First Step to Blackjack Card Counting Success
  475. Single VS Multiple Blackjack Card Counting Techniques - A Discussion about Blackjack Card Counting With a Single Deck versus Multiple ones.
  476. Sky Vegas Casino Reveals Its Most Popular Casino Games in TV Ad - After its very effective TV ad campaign, Sky Vegas Casino has promoted many of their most popular online games with huge jackpots, like Deal or no Deal.
  477. Sky Vegas Debuts Crown Jewels - The popular online casino has just added a royal new slot to its vast array of high-quality games.
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  480. Smart Live Casino Offers Live Blackjack and Live Roulette As Well As Reload Bonuses - Smart Live Casino is currently offering Live Blackjack and Roulette to their players. Aside from that, Smart Live is also giving cash bonuses for first time deposits.
  481. South Dakota Officials and Standing Rock Sioux Tribes Signs New Gaming Agreement - The state of South Dakota and Standing Rock Tribe recently renew the gaming compact that will allow the tribe to offer card games like blackjack. The compact has been extended for ten years.
  482. Southland Proposes to Operate 900 New Video Gaming Machines by November 2006 - Operators of Southland Park have proposed to run 900 new video gaming machines by November. Their proposal will be submitted to the Arkansas Racing Commission for approval on August 29th.
  483. Spanish 21 - Rules for the spanish 21 blackjack variant.
  484. Speaker Marco Rubio Files Motion to Stop Blackjack Games at Seminole Casino - Speaker Marco Rubio filed a motion before the Supreme Court in order to stop the blackjack games at the Seminole Casino. He said that the tribe must comply with the order of the court immediately.
  485. Review of Spin Palace Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Spin Palace Casino promotions, software download and casino games. An independent evaluation on what Spin Palace Casino offers.
  486. Spin3 Releases 21 Blackjack Party Game - Spin3 launched their brand new 21 Blackjack Party Game on February 11th, 2010. Spin3s Matti Zinder said that he has high hopes for the game.
  487. Spin3 Rolls Out 21 Blackjack Party Game for iPad Users - Spin3 said on May 26th, 2010 that the 21 Blackjack Party game is now available for iPad lovers. The game offers a community features that users will surely enjoy.
  488. Spin3s 21 Blackjack Party for the Apple App Store - Spin3 created the 21 Blackjack Party game for the App Store of Apple. Matti Zinder said that the game will hopefully establish their presence in the app market.
  489. Splitting pairs - Learn about the options you have when being dealt a pair of cards and when you should take advantage of splitting them up.
  490. Splitting Pairs Strategy - A Blackjack splitting pairs strategy guide that would help you to make the right decisions - whether to split or not.
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  492. State Court Invalidates Gaming Compact Agreement Between Seminoles And Florida - The Supreme Court of Florida decides that the gaming compact between the Seminoles and Gov. Crist is invalid. The gaming compact was signed between the tribe and Gov. Crist on November 17th, 2008.
  493. Basic Strategy VS Blackjack Card Counting - Blackjack Strategy or Blackjack Card Counting - Which is the best option for you as far as improving your blackjack playing ability
  494. Students Request Wiggins Board of Education to Allow Blackjack to be Played After School - Kolvyn Baessler and his friends petitioned the Wiggins Board to lift the ban on playing Blackjack during their tutoring program, under the claim that playing Blackjack is educational.
  495. Super21 - This is an introductio to the super 21 blackjack variation, that offers special bonuses for different hand combinations.
  496. Super Fun 21 - Descriptive set of rules for the Super Fun 21 blackjack variation.
  497. Surrender - Sometimes a player is out of luck and has a bad hand. Read how you can choose to forfeit the round instead of loosing all of your initial bet.
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  500. TableMAX Corporation Answers Gaming Requirements of Creek Nation Casino - The TableMAX Gaming Corporation recently finished their system installment at the Creek Nation Casino. TableMAX installed Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker.
  501. TableMAX Gaming to Expand Its Presence at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino - TableMAX Gaming will further improve its presence at the Fantasy Springs Casino. Fantasy Springs casino already offers TableMAXs Progressive Blackjack table.
  502. TableMAX Installs ETG at the Red Earth Casino - TableMAX Gaming Incorporated recently installed their ETG at the Red Earth Casino. TableMAX has experienced a string of success in California these past few months because of their games.
  503. TableMAX Installs Progressive Blackjack Tables at the Bordertown Casino - TableMAX has recently installed their Progressive Blackjack Table at the Bordertown Casino. Officials of the two groups said that they have great expectations on the Progressive Blackjack table.
  504. TableMAX Installs Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker at Two California Casinos - TableMAX Gaming recently installed Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Poker at casino facilities in California. TableMAX said that they are very happy about the reception that they are receiving.
  505. TableMAX Offers Electronic Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker Games - TableMAX is growing rapidly by installing Progressive Blackjack on casinos like the Bordertown Casino. Officials said that they are happy about the reception that their products are receiving.
  506. Talks On Hold Between Florida and Seminoles Regarding Gaming Agreement - The negotiations between Gov. Crist and the Seminoles are on hold to wait if the legislature will modify their gaming bill. But Rep. Bill Galvano said that they will not change their mind on the bill.
  507. Team USA Players Live It Up In Wynn Vegas Resort - The members of Team USA are staying at the Wynn Resort, while training in Las Vegas, following an invitation from Steve and Elaine Wynn. The players are enoying their time to the fullest on th ecourt and o the court in Wynns casino.
  508. Terms and conditions - Terms and Conditions of Use -
  509. The 13th Western Indian Gaming Conference in California - Aside from different slot machines, there are also top-of-the line blackjack tables at the 13th Western Indian Gaming Conference. A lot of people said that California is the next gaming frontier.
  510. The 6-5 Blackjack Creates Controversy in Vegas - For most gambling experts, the 6-5 odds in blackjack is misleading. However, most casinos in Vegas already offer it. And the gaming authorities said that it is acceptable.
  511. The August 31st Gaming Compact Negotation Deadline Between Gov. Crist and the Seminole Tribe - Florida officials gave Gov. Crist and the Seminole Tribe until August 31st, 2009 to make a new gaming compact. But there are some issues that might hinder the creation of a new compact.
  512. The Blackjack Event at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casinos Jezebel Lounge - The weekly blackjack event at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is always a good treat for blackjack enthusiasts. Players can win as much as $1,000.
  513. The Blackjack Event at the Horseshoe Casino - The Blackjack Event at the Horseshoe Casino will start on September 11th, 2008. Players can register at the Bluesville Promotions inside the Horseshoe Casino.
  514. The Budget Dilemma in the State of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania legislators continue to debate on the sticking points that prevents the approval of the state budget. Some of these issues include the approval of casino gaming in the state and others.
  515. The Card Counting Issue With Las Vegas Casinos - Most Las Vegas casino facilities frown upon card counters. They either use shuffling machines like the machine of Shufflemaster or use facial recognition software to block card counters.
  516. The Casino Table Games Issue in Jefferson County - Jefferson County residents will vote on the table games proposal for Charles Town Races and Slots on December 5th, 2009. County residents previously dismissed the proposal in 2007.
  517. The Compromises Between the Florida Legislature and the Seminole Tribe - The Florida legislature and the Seminoles have achieved some compromise in the gaming deal between the state and tribe. Both sides needed to finalized a gaming compact before August 31st, 2009.
  518. The Debut of "21s" Official Movie Site - Sony Entertainment just recently debuted the movie site for '21'. The movie stars Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.
  519. The Development in the Florida Gaming Talks - Gaming insiders in Florida say that the state and the Seminoles are close in creating a new gaming agreement. The deadline imposed on the gaming talks is on August 31st, 2009.
  520. The Double Deck Game of Blackjack at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin - The Double Deck Blackjack at the Grand Victoria can now give players the option to double on their cards. But the minimum wager in the game is $200 so this is applicable for serious gamers.
  521. The First Graduates of the Blackjack Dealer Class at the Northampton Community College - Northamptons first blackjack class graduates are expected to be hired by the Mount Airy Casino. The Northampton Community College put together the classes this year.
  522. The Formula DRIFT Blackjack Charity Tournament at the Aliante Casino and Hotel - The Formular DRIFT Blackjack Event was held at the Aliante Casino on July 30th, 2009. Steve Choi finished in 1st place. The Wings for Life charity is the main beneficiary of the event.
  523. The future of blackjack - What will Blackjack be like in 50 years? What changes will happen to Blackjack in the future. The Future of Blackjack is anyone's guess.
  524. The Gaming Compact Conflict in Florida - The Senate and House approved two different gaming compacts. Governor Charlie Crist is still hoping that the issue will be resolve immediately.
  525. The Gaming Compact Negotiations Between Governor Crist and the Seminole Tribe of Florida - Gov. Crist and the Seminole tribe have until August 31st, 2009 to make a new gaming agreement. George Lemieux said that he hopes that the legislature will participate in the talks.
  526. The Gaming Discussions Between Florida and the Seminoles - The state of Florida and the Seminole tribe needs to craft a new deal before August 31st, 2009. The National Indian Gaming Commission will intervene if no new deal is finalize.
  527. The Growing Number of Casino Dealing Schools in Florida - Casino dealing schools in Florida are thriving as the gaming industry in the area continues to grow. Prospective dealers are training to become blackjack dealers and others.
  528. The Hot New Video Slot Game Ares Goes Live at Bodog Casino - For the month of May, Bodog Casino has newly released the exciting Ares video slot game. This All Pays slot features a random progressive jackpot.
  529. The Massachusetts Insitute of Technology Blackjack Team - Mike Aponte and David Irvine are members of the famed MIT blackjack team. Both players say that they have to change strategy when one of their members divulged information about the team.
  530. The Multihand Blackjack Game of - recently debut their multihand blackjack game. Players can now have more chances of winning while enjoying their favorite blackjack game.
  531. The Multiplayer Blackjack Event of - will continuously offer multi-player challenges for those players interested to join the Blackjack Bowl II.The Blackjack Bowl II will be held on January 28th, 2009.
  532. The Multiplayer Blackjack Event of - will continuously offer multi-player challenges for those players interested to join the Blackjack Bowl II. The Blackjack Bowl II will be held on January 28th, 2009.
  533. The Seminole Casinos Offer New Comps in Anticipation of New Card Games Like Blackjack - The Seminole Tribe has currently revise their comps program especially with the debut of their card games like blackjack. The tribe is also hoping to attract more in-state visitors.
  534. The Stalemate Between Florida and the Seminole Tribe - The state of Florida and the Seminoles are still unable to create a new gaming compact. The deadline set by the legislature for the talks is on August 31st, 2009.
  535. The State of Florida Finalizes Gambling Compact With Seminole Tribe - Florida gave permission to the Seminoles to offer games like blackjack. The tribe will stop payments to the state if it allows blackjack and baccarat outside of Broward and Miami-Dade.
  536. The State of the Gold Coast and the Conrad Jupiters Casino - The Conrad Jupiters Casino is one of the casinos in the Gold Coast that caters to high rollers. According to some reports, the casino also caters to questionable characters.
  537. Ultimate blackjack tournament - Find out all you wanted to know about the history and operation of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament.
  538. The Virtual Blackjack Wars in Florida - Pari-mutuels like the Mardi Gras casino are now offering virtual blackjack machines to customers for as low as $3. Gulfstream Park is also offering the game.
  539. World blackjack tour - Find out all the details and playing rules of the World Blackjack Tour, one of the most popular blackjack events in the world.
  540. The World Series of Blackjack IV Debuts on GSN - The GSN Network will launch the 4th season of the WSOBJ 4 on June 4th. Officials have changed some of the rules in the game by adding the Burger King Power Chip and the Knockout cards.
  541. Wsob - Find out all the details and playing rules of the World Series of Blackjack (WSOB), one of the most popular blackjack events in the world.
  542. Review of Titan Casino bonuses, software and games - Read about the impressive Titan Casino bonus rewards, software & service. This is a complete evaluation of Titan Casino online.
  543. Tri State and West Virginia Plan to Build a School for Blackjack and Poker Dealers - The officials of Tri-State and West Virginia are currently discussing building a casino school in the state for blackjack and poker dealers, provided that the residents approve the bill for the games.
  544. Tri-State Looks for Dealers For Casino Card Games Like Blackjack - Tri-State recently held a job fair for people that is interested to be a casino dealer at the racing track. Tri-State officials are hoping to find three hundred dealers for card games like blackjack.
  545. The Blackjack Tribute Robot - A short review of the black jack tribute program. A blackjack robot that was built for training and money making purposes.
  546. Triple 7s - Introduction to the triple 7s blackjack variation, A variant than involves regular blackjack and characters from the famous slots machines.
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  548. Triple 7 - Descriptive set of rules for the Triple 7s blackjack variation.
  549. Triple Shot - Descriptive set of rules for the triple shot variation.
  550. True Count - Learn more about blackjack's card counting using this article about the true count technique.
  551. Two Contrasting Gaming Proposals in Florida - The Florida House approved a gaming compact that will allow the Seminoles to offer slot machines. But the compact also ordered the tribe to stop offering blackjack.
  552. Two West Virginia Counties Assured of Table Games - Whatever happens in the Kanawha County vote, casino gambling will at least pushed through in two West Virginia counties. A recount will be done because the measure was passed in a thin margin.
  553. UBT Files Suit Against GSN - The Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) company has filed suit against The Game Show Network (GSN) charging breach of 'implied Contract.' UBT is set to begin airing on CBS in the first season of a two season deal.
  554. UW-Stout Offers Blackjack, Roulette and Craps Classes - UW-Stout is currently offering blackjack, craps and roulette classes. Sharon Giroux said that there are a lot of casino employment opportunities for students.
  555. Ultimate Blackjack Tour Introduces New Elimination Format - CBSs broadcasters will launch the inaugural season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour in what is a scheduled two season run. The program features a unique series of elimination rounds to cull the pool and produce a champion in the finale.
  556. Ultimate Blackjack Tour On CBS - Ultimate Blackjack Tour is very happy tying up with CBS, one of the biggest sports programmers there is. They are happy with their partnership and they are very positive that the Ultimate Blackjack Tour will take the airwaves by storm.
  557. Ultimate Blackjack Tour Plans Stop at Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort - The Ultimate Blackjack Tour will be held at the Palms Casino Resort on April 20, 2007. Palms Owner, George Maloof, said that they are honored to be chosen as the venue for the Las Vegas leg of the UBT.
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  561. Virtue Fusion Alderney Releases New Online Games - Virtue Fusion Alderney recently debut new online games. These online games includes Blackjack, Fruit and Veg. and Mafia Millions.
  562. WSOB Tournament Schedules Posted - BlackjackWorldSeries.Net has published the schedule for the 3rd annual World Series of Blackjack. The schedule lists all the qualifying events and will keep fans abreast of the players rankings as the tournament draws closer.
  563. Wagerworks/IGT Launches New Power Blackjack Game - Wagerworks launches their new Power Blackjack game on March 31, 2007. Amongst the game's new features are the Power Double and the Power Split.
  564. West Virginia to Test Casino Table Games Like Blackjack - Wheeling Island and the Mountaineer are currently conducting tests before they debut their casino table games. The proceeds for the charity night will be given to the Weirton Area United Way.
  565. When to Leave the Table - Hints, Tips and Advice on when to get up and leave the Blackjack Table.
  566. Why Play Casino Blackjack? - Why Play Casino Blackjack? Find out why you should consider playing blackjack at the casinos and no other.
  567. Why Card Counters Are Viewed With Suspicion in Casino Facilities - Card counters will never be viewed favorably by most casino facilities. David Stann is a card counter and is not welcome in most casino establishments in the strip.
  568. Williamson Wins the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament with Poker Twist - Robert Williamson III won the Battle of the Superstars on January 19, 2007. Aside from taking home the $100,000 prize, he will also take home the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament Medallion.
  569. WinADay Launches Slot Twenty-One Game - WinADays Slot 21 game is a combination of the slot machine and blackjack game. Players will have the chance to take home the games progressive jackpot prize.
  570. World Series Of Blackjack Co-Host Talks About Champion - The semifinals episode will be aired on August 28, making it GSN last episode for the television series, 'The World Series of Blackjack'. Ben Mezrich, co-host of the show will feature Paul Haas as he faces the final battle of blackjack tournament.
  571. Would-be Blackjack Dealers Can Enroll at Gaming School - The Crescent School is hitting it big; many people are entering the school with the hopes of getting a high paying job with the casino as a blackjack dealer. In 3 months a student can be trained as a blackjack dealer and can get job placement help from the school.
  572. Review of Yachting Casino bonuses, software and games - Complete guide to Yachting Casino promotions, original casino games and software. An independent review on what Yachting Casino offers.
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  577. Labouchere Betting System - This article explores using the Labouchere betting system for blackjack gaming. also known as Crossout, Cancellation, Labby or Split Martingale.
  578. Martingale - Learn about the risky martingale negative progression betting system and the reason why casinos decided to implement table limits.
  579. Parlay - Learn about the parlay betting system. a progression system that covers the flaws of the martingale system.
  580. Paroli - Learn about the paroli betting system, which is the opposite of the martingale.
  581. Progressive betting - Learn about the different progressive betting systems and how to define yourself a number of bet levels.
  582. Game rules - Rules and Tips for Playing Blackjack on the internet.
  583. Shuffle tracking - Blackjack shuffle tracking is a new method for improving your skills, and it is used by top players of the game. Here you'll be able to learn just how it is done.
  584. Online Strategies - Online Blackjack strategies are depicted here in detail, so you can read and improve the way you play the game.
  585. Blackjack switch - Switch is another popular version of blackjack, in this version the odds are more in your favor and you can switch cards, for more read this article.
  586. Trioplay - A review of Trioplay, a commercial progressive betting system for Blackjack and other casino games. IT can be used for both online blackjack and casino blackjack.
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  591. Ken Uston - A Blackjack Hero - In this guide we will tell you about Ken Uston, the most famous blackjack player in the world, the guy who beat the casino and was the first to invent card counting techniques.
  592. lorida Judges Decides to Cancel Seminole Gambling Compact - The gambling compact of the Seminole Tribe was invalidated with the State Courts decision to rule that Gov. Crist has no power to negotiate the compact. But the tribe is exploring its legal options.
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