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Spin3 Releases 21 Blackjack Party Game

Well-known full service mobile gambling solutions provider Spin3, supported by Microgaming, the biggest online gaming software provider in the world, has announced on February 11th, 2010 the launch of 21 Blackjack Party, its very first game for the Apple App Store.

The new game will bring Spin3's one-of-a kind technology from the mobile casino world to players via the App Store, with additional community features. Spin3 has created one of its most well-loved games for the growing iPhone applications market, which is composed of more than one hundred thousand applications with more than three billion downloads.

21 Blackjack Party is the group's first step into the consumers applications markets and showcases a brand new direct-to-player approach for the traditionally business oriented creator of turnkey mobile casino solutions.

21 Blackjack Party is the very first blackjack game application to feature a community element within the game, tracking the skill level of players and uploading their scorers to a real-time scoreboard. The scoreboard introduces a competitive factor to the game by enabling gamers to keep an eye on their progress against other players at their level.

Gamers will be able to access the player scoreboard online through the 21 Blackjack Party microsite and will be immediately notified when someone enters and exits their level. The game uses the full functionality of the iPhone with a slide and tap movement and outstanding graphics.

The game also enables gamers to create a personalized profile that appears when the 21 Blackjack Party game is launched and next to their score on the live scoreboard. The game, which is server based, saves each gamer's balance and ranking. Even if gamers need to shutdown the game by mid-hand, the game is saved and players can return to the exact point where they left.

The Head of Spin3, Matti Zinder, said that the free-to-download blackjack game is created to solidify their presence in the app market. The decision to debut blackjack on this brand new channel arose from the growth in the apps market.

Downloads of mobile application are expected to reach five billion by 2014. He added that their 21 Blackjack Party application will also be available to customers on the Android powered devices soon.

Zinder said that their immense experience in the mobile gambling industry has enabled them to create outstanding games with good graphics and excellent game play.


Sunday, February 21 , 2010
Kim Watson