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The Super Fun 21 Blackjack Variation

Super 21 is an online blackjack variation that offers bonuses for certain hands combinations, just like Triple 7's and Matchplay 21. There is also Super Fun 21, a variation of Super 21. The difference between them is that while Super 21 is played with one card deck, Super Fun 21 is played with eight decks. This significantly lowers your odds to win the offered bonuses. Both rules of Super 21 and Super Fun 21 are similar to the "traditional" game of blackjack, with little exceptions such as hands of five and six cards (Goto Super Fun 21 Game Rules). For example, a six card hand totaling 20 wins, that is if you haven't doubled.

Super 21's payouts are higher than most blackjack variations: diamond blackjack pays 2:1 and regular blackjack pays even. If you have not doubled and you hit 21 with five or six cards then your payout would be also 2:1, if you haven't doubled. Other hands of six cards would pay you 1:1, less they total to more than 21.

Although this game might earn you a lot of money more quickly than any other blackjack variations, remember that the odds for hitting a good hand are low. If you love to play blackjack and you do not mind the low odds and you like "winning big" from time to time, then it is probably the game for you, but if you would rather earn your money steadily you should contemplate playing other blackjack variations.

Murphy Duvall, Editorial Staff. 18.12.2005