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Raid to find Strip-Poker Den ends in Failure

Thai police conducted a raid this week to find a fabled strip-poker den, but were disappointed by an empty building.

There have long been rumours and whispers about a strip-poker den, an underground venue where topless girls take orders from gaming tables.

Photographs on the internet, as well as other information received by Thai police, led them to conduct a covert raid on a commercial building earlier this week.

However, the high-ranking team of Thai police found only a drinks freezer and several closed-circuit television cameras.

Although there was no gambling equipment found, sources suggest that the building could have been used as a strip-poker den and then closed after the New Year.

The raid is the latest of a number of attempted crackdowns on illegal forms of gambling. These raids are set to increase the popularity of online gambling as it is legal and more convenient. Players can visit a wealth of online casinos, online sportsbook sites, and online poker sites without the fear of a police raid ruining the fun.