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The Future of Blackjack

What is the future of Blackjack? Where is the game going to be in 20 years? What about 50? What will it look like? 50 years ago, did we think there would be online blackjack classes? So what does the future have in store? There have been some tumultuous changes in the world in the last 50 years and just as many in Blackjack so who really knows what changes will happen in the next 50 years to both Blackjack and Blackjack strategy.

The biggest change would be the option of online Blackjack which has made the game accessible to people whenever they want, wherever they are. They can play at the same Blackjack table alongside friends who are on the other side of the world. They can play more Blackjack because they don’t have to go out to the casino.

In terms of the casino, Blackjack remains as popular as ever despite the advances Poker has made in recent years. Blackjack is a game which the player can do very well at and have an edge over the house. Blackjack can be a steady money maker unlike the mayhem which is a poker tournament.

There is no doubt that the presence of automated shufflers has made and makes a difference. It makes card counting much harder because the old cards are fed immediately back into the shoe. The casino capitalizes further on this extra edge as the automatic shuffler allows more hands per hour.

Thomas Johnson