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On April 20th, 2009, players that love the game of blackjack will love the excitement of enjoying up to four hands as they can with the brand new multihand blackjack at The new blackjack game challenges players to move quickly. Chief Executive Officer Josh Cartu said that players will feel like they are playing in Las Vegas, having a crowd of players watching your every move while you wager every card hand on the blackjack table.

Multiple hand blackjack plays just like the standard game of blackjack except that the player is essentially participating at every slot at the blackjack table. This means that once a card hand is executed the player can immediately move to the next hand-no waiting for other participants to finish their play before the next card hand is given out.

One multihand blackjack enthusiast said that players got more wager on the table so you are actually risking more when you play more than one card hand a time. But you also spend a minimum amount of time waiting for others to finish their game and if you are an outstanding player, playing more means that you will have more chances of winning.


Tuesday, May 05 , 2009
Emma Green