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The Stalemate Between Florida and the Seminole Tribe

The deadline for Florida and the Seminole Indian tribe to finalize a gambling compact is a few days away. For months, the talks between the two parties have been dragging ad with the deadline on August 31st, 2009; the two parties are still stuck on the same issue. The Seminole tribe does not want to agree to some clauses of the gaming compact approved by the Florida legislators.

They have already successfully negotiated a gaming compact with Governor Charlie Crist back in 2007 and they want similar terms in this new agreement. However, the state is not willing to give the Seminole tribe the exclusivity rights to games like blackjack. That is one of the sticking points in the new gaming agreement. The other point has to do with how much the tribe will have to give to the state. Without the gaming exclusivity, the Seminole tribe does not feel that they should give the amount of money that Florida is asking for.

The two groups have both been stubborn and determined in their negotiations and with just a few days before the deadline, a compromise is needed. The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) may have the final decision in the issue. The two sides are both firm in their stance because they both believe that the NIGC will side with them and it is adding unnecessary tension to the negotiations. Florida gamers are hoping that the state and tribe can come to an amicable settlement, especially those in West Broward.

The Seminole tribe has a gaming facility in Coconut Creek that needs some renovation but the tribe will not move forward with their plans until an agreement is finalized. Governor Crist has shown that he has the skill to create an agreement with the Seminole tribe and he must do so again for the state.


Wednesday, September 09 , 2009
Emma Green