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Tri-State Looks for Dealers For Casino Card Games Like Blackjack

On May 5th, 2008, only a few dozen individuals have come to the first series if job fairs that aims to attract prospective dealers for casino table games at the Tri-State Racing Track and Gaming Establishment in Kanawha County. There are three hundred casino dealer positions that are available for the games of blackjack, roulette, poker and craps.

The West Virginia State University Community and Technical College will be holding class to train potential casino dealers by June 2008. The officials of the Tri-State Racing Track and Gaming Establishment has pursued the idea of offering casino card games in their facility like blackjack aside from their slot machines because of the competition that they are getting from other racing tracks in the neighboring states and to offer more job opportunities to the residents living near the racing tracks.

The additional money will also be used to improve the prizes for the horse races and to improve the facilities of the racing track. The Executive Director of Operations Rich Tesler commented that even with the smaller number of turnout, they still consider the event successful.

Additional career fairs will be hosted in Huntington at the Big Sandy arena and the Convention facility in Beckley. The track officials plan to open the casino facility by July 2008.


Wednesday, May 28 , 2008
Emma Green