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Black Jack Tribute - The Blackjack Robot

The Black Jack Tribute is a microsoft windows based software that automatically plays blackjack at the online casinos. It is often being referred to as The Blackjack Robot.

There were two public releases of the black jack robot in May '04, the basic and the advanced edition. Both can be used at a wide variety of online blackjack tables and were programmed in order to be used on real money tables, although they are fully compatible with the casino's play money mode as well.

The Basic Edition - Was built for the use of training new blackjack players. The "Black-jack Robot" detects when a connection to an online casino have been made and automatically starts monitoring the game. Each time a player gets the option to play a move, the robot will suggest the most appropriate action that should be taken, according to the specific strategies of the played variation.

The Advanced Edition - While the basic edition was meant to be used for training, the advanced "black jack tribute robot" was made for money making purposes and can be used in an a fully automatic mode. The calculation are made by using the right strategies but also includes another factor of calculating blackjack hands for statistically better results.

Since the advanced blackjack tribute robot was made for money players, it also includes features such as - determine the amount of money to play with, profit and loss stop conditions for securing your money in any case that might come up and more.

Please note that Lucky Blackjack does NOT suggest using such tools. They should be avoided since they are not allowed by most (if not all) of the online casinos and are putting your money at risk.
Posted by Janne Boyle - 27/12/05