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The Triple 7s Blackjack Variation

Triple 7's Blackjack is among the most famous variations of blackjack, mainly due to the high bonuses offered for certain hands combinations. The game can be found in every online casino and most of its rules are similar to the regular version of 21, with few minute changes.

The main attribute of the Triple 7's Blackjack lays in the bonuses offered for hands containing Sevens. The highest payout is given for a hand with a Triple 7 Diamond. In case you receive such hand, which the odds for it to happen are extremely low, you win the jackpot - another attribute of the Triple 7's.

In Triple 7's Blackjack there is a progressive jackpot, and in every round a single currency unit is added to the jackpot (in some casinos players may place as much money as they want in the jackpot). The more players participating in a Triple 7s table the more money a player can win, that is if he hit a triple seven diamond.

That is the reason that when you decide to play Triple 7s, you should look for a table with many players. The more players that are playing and the longer the table is running the bigger the jackpot would be. For any Seven in a player's hand he gets a certain bonus, a larger payout - if he wins the round.

For a single 7 the payout is 5:1 and for an unsuited pair the payout is 25:1. For a suited pair the payout is 50:1and for a Triple Seven each casino has his own special payout's ratio, so remember to check it before you place bets on a Triple 7's table. The payout ratio for a blackjack is 3:2 (Also See: Triple 7s Rules).

In Triple 7's the dealer's cards are faced up, which gives you an advantage, but a significant drawback is that you can only double on 9, 10 and 11; you cannot double after a split. Also do not split 7's, which automatically eliminates any bonuses. Dealer stands on 17 and draws on 16. A player gets his money back if there's a draw. Notice that that you will receive a Seven in 8 out of 100 rounds, so, if you're interested in big scores – Triple 7's is not the best choice and it is better for you to play the bonus blackjack variation which is a blackjack variation that has higher bonuses. Be sure to also check other sections of lucky blackjack for other online blackjack gambling resources.

Mitch Mc'burton, Editorial Staff 14.12.05