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The Triple Shot Blackjack Variation

Triple Shot Blackjack is a variant that has yet managed its way to the online world of blackjack, but as all blackjack's variations - it's only a matter of time before it would be present in the virtual space, as all other blackjack variants. If you're a fan of blackjack, war and poker as well then it's probably the most suited blackjack variant for you, but do notice that you'll need to be skilled at all of these games before you decide to risk your money in triple shot.

The game goes like this: Two cards are dealt at the beginning of triple shot, one to the dealer and one to the player (notice that triple shot is a multi-players game, so in such case every player would receive a single card), then the cards' value is checked and the one with the higher value wins, so basically it's not a war game but a high-card-draw game.

The game continues to the next level - blackjack. The player's card and the dealer's card remains as a second card is dealt, and the game is played by blackjack's rules, similar to the traditional rules of blackjack, but with few exceptions. take a look at our simplified triple shot rules for a better understanding.

Notice that you cannot proceed to the blackjack stage if you tie the dealer with your initial card. If you reach a hand of six cards at this stage (the maximum amount of cards given at Triple Shot) you then automatically win, that is if the total of the cards' value is 21. If the round of the blackjack is over before six cards then the game proceeds to the next stage.

After the blackjack stage is over it's the poker stage; this is played according to the Six Card Stud's rules, and up to a total of six cards are dealt both to the player and to the dealer as well. Notice that you wage on each stage separately, also you may choose to play only two out of the three games, meaning you can play War-Blackjack, War-Poker or Blackjack-Poker instead of War-Blackjack-Poker.

Triple Shot is a game of fun, if you look for making it as your main way for profiting from gambling you should revise and think it over, this game is just for fun, if you're into gambling for the sake of earning money you should play each game separately.

Marc Schiff, Editor. 26/12/05