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Two West Virginia Counties Assured of Table Games

On August 14th, 2007, different casino games that include playing blackjack, poker, baccarat and others will be offered to at least two racing track casinos of the four counties in West Virginia.

Depending on the results of ballot recount being done in Kanawha County for the Tri-State racing track, there might be a third county that will offer casino table games. Voters in both Ohio and Hancock Counties already passed a referendum which will permit casino tables games to be offered in casinos and racing tracks that are already in the county.

In Ohio and Hancock Counties, the voters have passed the gambling referendum in a 2:1 ratio. Meanwhile, the voters in Jefferson County disregard the referendum, leaving the Charles Town Races and Slots with only slots machines and dogs as its offering.

The Mountaineer Racing Track is located in Hancock County and the Wheeling Island Racing Track is in Ohio County. This weekend, the voters in Kanawha County approved the casino table games referendum but the proposal was passed in a thin margin that a recount will be needed.

The proposal was approved by 25,544 to 22,511 votes. The results have not been declared official since there are still hundreds of votes from some voting stations that have not been counted yet.

If the gambling proposal in Kanawha do not passed, they can request for another casino table games referendum together with the Charles Town Races and Slots in Jefferson County in two years.


Wednesday, September 19 , 2007
Victor Sanchez