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Ultimate Blackjack Tour Introduces New Elimination Format

Blackjack will finally make it's television debut on network television. blackjack will compete with poker in this television series that will be aired starting from September 16 on CBS for their first season.

The game show The Ultimate Blackjack Tour will be aired by CBS will introduced 'forced eliminations', 'secret bets, and a 'reveal'. These are the new formats of the game to determine elimination. The player will compete against the dealer and against each other. This will add more excitement to the game. The dramatic effects will highlight the game and will make it more breathtaking with the moves and decision the players have to make to win the game.

Contestants will learn to out-sense the dealer's card, double down and insure against the ace. This will affect the creativity of the players to earn his winnings. Competition will be against each player not to be eliminated. They will need to survive the elimination to win the jackpot prize at the very end of the 1st season.

Many players believed that blackjack is the most popular table game ever played in all casinos throughout the world. The new format of the game will give a positive feedback to the show that people will surely love and will make their show a high rating all around the world.


Thursday, November 16 , 2006
Victor Sanchez