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The Ultimate Blackjack Tour live on CBS

A two-year contract was signed by the Ultimate Blackjack Tour with CBS to broadcast the tournament on the national television that will start on September 16, 2006. CBS plans to televise the UBT tournaments at 2pm EST as a lead in to their Saturday NCAA football coverage.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) series is held around the world in places Like Aruba, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Paris, where winners will compete against each other in the championship event at the end of the regular series of tournaments.

There will be a new rule in the tournament because in the past tournaments its format made it boring. Now there will be a special elimination format to be used for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour matches.

In the elimination format, in order to force the action, the players who possess the lowest chip count after hands 8, 16 and 25 will be eliminated. So the players now will can not sit around and wait to the later hands before making their move.

To add excitement to television viewers, the viewers will be able to see the dealer's hole card which will not be seen by the other players or even the dealer, so the viewers will be able to see if a player is doomed or a winner before he does, as it was in the poker tournaments.

During the match, players will get to use one secret bet that can be used at anytime for them to bluff other players at an opportune time. This is sure to make the Blackjack Tournaments more entertaining to the viewers.

For those who have watched the poker tournaments on television, they will surely recognize some of those who will compete in the UBT, such as Phil Laak, Anne Duke, Phil Hellmuth, and Freddy Deeb who were players at the Poker tournaments. They will be competing skill with well known professional blackjack players that includes Ken Einger, author of Play To Win, and Anthony Curtis, Publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, to complete the 16 competitors in the first Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

But this Tournament is not Solely for the Blackjack or Casino celebrities. Any one who can pay the entry fee can enter the Tournament. To give the players a chance to win their entry into main tournament, there will be satellites held around the country where the UBT is Taking Place.

More online sites will be offering Blackjack tournaments and according to reports, some of the sites will be giving players a chance to win their way into an Ultimate Blackjack Tour tournament.


Wednesday, July 19 , 2006
Thomas Johnson