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Ultimate Blackjack Tournament

The Ultimate blackjack Tournament is played on the lines of Elimination Blackjack. Hugely popular, this tournament draws Blackjack players from all over the world. The best Blackjack players are seen in action each year to add to the excitement quotient of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament.

As mentioned, the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament is played in the format of Elimination Blackjack. Elimination Blackjack is a unique format that brings players face to face with the dealer and other competitors. As with a poker game, this format involves lot of strategic planning. A player is eliminated when he has hands of 8, 16 and 25. Unlike other games, where winning is the top priority of players, this game involves a lot of strategy to stay in the game without being eliminated. Elimination Blackjack has evolved over the years from traditional tournament Blackjack.

It was specially designed to capture viewers’ attention on television. Since conventional Blackjack involves less skill than Poker games, the creators of EBJ thought that excitement can be enhanced only if the game requires strategy and skills. Consequently, they developed this format, which was considered as fast and exhilarating. Accessible from any location, the EBJ format combined the simple nature of Blackjack with the thrills of Poker to provide top-notch entertainment. However, the original game strategy hasn’t been changed much. The only notable addition is the elimination format, which keeps the players alert and on their toes. Undoubtedly, this format of tournament Blackjack tasted success in no time.

In the Unlimited Blackjack Tournament, players have a total of 30 hands to play. The ultimate winner of these hands, post the elimination of all other players, will be crowned the Unlimited Blackjack Tournament champion.

In the preliminary rounds of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament, every player has to start with play chips worth $25,000. This figure is also the maximum bet in the preliminary rounds, while $500 is the limit for the minimum bet. When players reach the final table, the play chips grow to $100,000. This is the limit for the maximum bet in the final round of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament. In the final table, the limit for the minimum bet is $1,000.

Like most Blackjack tournaments, play starts on the button. With every hand, action rotates clockwise. Every player on the table is offered 25 seconds to react to the situation. There is timer that ticks away to countdown during the final 10 seconds of decision-making. When there is an elimination hand i.e. in hands of 8, 16 and 25, each player will have 45 seconds to make the crucial decision. At the end of the elimination round, the player who has the lowest number of chips will be eliminated from the round. The remaining players advance to the next round, where they play for elimination again. This continues till the end of the 30th hand. The player with the maximum number of chips in this final hand is adjudged the winner of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament. Additionally, the UBT features a Secret Bet that every player can use in a round, when we wants.

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