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Veteran Blackjack Dealer Talks About Her Job At Isle Of Capri Casino

A veteran blackjack dealer is happy to see the casinos in Mississippi are reopening again. Sandy Holmes has been a blackjack dealer at the Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi for 13 years. Holmes has said that 12,000 residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast will have their jobs back when the casinos reopened.

Holmes, a 60-year-old blackjack dealer, said, "It's like having your life back, bringing your world back."

Sandy Holmes missed her life at Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi. Her primary job is as a blackjack dealer. For her blackjack is one of the most comfortable casino games for players. As for her role, as a blackjack dealer she has to stand on her feet during the entire shift while wearing a casino uniform.

Blackjack dealers have to control of the game, and must not only shuffle and deal the cards, but also take losing bets, pay winning hands, change cash into house chips and often help players by giving tips or answering questions regarding blackjack game.

For Holmes, getting not only her job back also gets her life as blackjack dealer back excites her.

Although some of the casinos had been reopened already in neon splendor, another one will open this August 29. That date will be exactly one year after Hurricane Katrina came to town and closed the casinos.


Thursday, September 14 , 2006
Kim Watson