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Why Play Casino Blackjack?

A Shot for Winning

Gamblers are always looking for the best way to make money out of casino games when in fact the only game that truly gives you a fair shot for winning is blackjack. Casino blackjack games offer the lowest house edge possible – 0.43% in Atlantic City and 0.18% in Las Vegas casinos. Blackjack is the only game where skills and experience can earn you huge stakes.

Blackjack figures like Ken Uston and the MIT Team proved that blackjack is a game where with the right skills you can scoop millions of dollars off casinos across the US and around the world. The answer for "why play casino blackjack" is one - the real possibility of making money.

Proven Success of Strategies

Casino blackjack is the only game where serious strategies were calculated by mathematicians. Today blackjack games can be won with the help of the blackjack basic strategy or by using card counting systems. These give blackjack players a real advantage over casinos, even though today card counters are being marked by the Griffin Investigations Firm and are banned from casinos. Unlike games such as craps, roulette or baccarat, the systems developed for blackjack games are reliable and efficient.

Blackjack Variations

Another suitable answer for why playing casino blackjack is that this game has numerous variants which contribute to the non ending fun of it. If a player is bored with the standard blackjack rules then he can choose other blackjack variations such as Blackjack Bonus or MatchPlay 21. Blackjack casinos offer players numerous variants and so they can never get bored with this game.


There are a lot of reasons for playing casino Blackjack and all of them are simple and easy to understand. Eventually you must also play blackjack if you love this game. If you like playing blackjacks then you need no other reasons. If you would like to play at online blackjack casinos for real money, or for free, then you should have a go at our selection of blackjack casinos and pick the right one for you.

Sam Marshall - Editorial Staff