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Why Card Counters Are Viewed With Suspicion in Casino Facilities

On April 16th, 2008, blackjack player does not deny that he practices card counting. He is a certified member of Mensa who has used his skill to change the odds in his favor not the casino establishment. Stann commented that his skills have helped him to earn substantially from the blackjack table but Stann denies that he is doing a bad thing because card counting is not illegal but that does not stop casinos from banning suspected card counters from their casino facility, fearing that it would cost them a lot of profits. The brand new movie "21" tackles the subject of card counting. It is also about a group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who have formed a blackjack team to take on Las Vegas casinos.

Stann faces arrest when he enters most of the casino properties in Las Vegas. He is known as "Hollywood Dave" in most casino establishments. Card counting is still a controversial issue in the Las Vegas as producers of the film found out when they are looking for movie locations in the Las Vegas strip. The "21" movie, which features Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess is based on the best selling book "Bringing Down the House" by Ben Mezrich. Las Vegas casino facilities are always on the lookout for technological development to stop card counters.

One of these technological developments is the continuous card shuffler of Shufflemaster which were used in casino facilities back in the 1990's. Kirsten Clark, Shufflemaster's Vice President for Worldwide Marketing said that it continues to shuffle the decks of cards in a random manner. It prevents card counters from remembering where a particular card will end up in the deck. There is also facial recognition software that is available today that immediately identifies if a card counter enters a casino facility aside from software that detects questionable gaming patterns.


Tuesday, May 06 , 2008
Emma Green