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The wild and wonderful world of Card counting in Blackjack

There are many systems that promise you ways to win all the time in blackjack. However, few of them actually deliver. There is one way, that is a good way to lower the house edge at blackjack, and it is the famous card counting technique invented by the legendary Ken Uston, who was the best blackjack player in the world.

Ken Uston was truly a phenomenon in the world of Blackjack. He invented techniques that made the blackjack world a far different place than what it was formerly. There are many people who say that his methods ruined the games so that the casinos changed the rules of the game and made it a situation in which it impossible to get rich from playing blackjack. Uston and his team developed equipment that helped them get rich off Blackjack games.

Using miniature computers hidden in their shoes for card counting and statistical analysis, fascinating team play and absolutely awesome mathematical layouts Ken and his people used to earn hundreds thousands of dollars in less than a month. Then, with all the knowledge that he gained, Uston wrote a book on how to win all the time in Blackjack, and from then on the rest is blackjack history.