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WinADay Launches Slot Twenty-One Game

The brand new Slot twenty-one game that WinADay Casino launched on May 14th, 2010 is a combination of two all-time casino favorite, slot machines and the game of blackjack. It is a retro patterned slot machine game that is reminiscent of the old Las Vegas Strip. It also offers a pair of two bonus card games.

When the Red and Black scatter symbol appears on the right reel of the machine, gamers have the choice of playing the Red and Black Bonus Game where they can increase their winnings of their last slot spin. A second bonus game within this slots game is inspired by the game of blackjack.

By collecting Kings, Aces, Queens and Jacks on the reels of the slot machine, gamers receive "21 cash" which can then be utilized to play a card hand in blackjack. When players have card hand that has a total closer to twenty-one compared to the hand of the bank without going over, their bet is doubled.

Players need to have five "crown" symbols to win the progressive jackpot which is currently more than $170,000.

The jackpot, which is connected to all of the slots games at, was last won in March 2010 for $223,000. Since being won on an average of every 6 to 8 weeks, many regular games at WinADay believe that another win is due now.


Sunday, May 30 , 2010
Kim Watson