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The World Blackjack Tour

There were several new blackjack formats introduced in the past decade. Most of these formats have been well-received by audience and gamers so far! Audience loved the show format of the Blackjack tournaments while Blackjack players loved the change from conventional Blackjack. One of these interesting new changes was The World Blackjack Tour, which was a Blackjack show aired on television.

The World Blackjack Tour was highly popular for its game show nature. It was an original program released by GSN. Premiering for the first time on September 4, 2006, The World Blackjack Tour comprised 5 players competing for the coveted first prize. The five players represented five different countries and battled it out at the tables for a prize pool of $10,000. The program was broadcast from the Las Vegas Hilton.

The five players playing in the World Blackjack Tour were dealt 21 hands. The game strategy was the same as traditional Blackjack. However, the most interesting aspect was the diverse player field, which was represented by top Blackjack players from the United States, Mexico, Canada and Poland. With expert commentary on the hands by hosts John Fugelsang and Ben Mezrich, the game show was a huge success.

When the World Blackjack Tour format was announced by GSN, there were apprehensions about its success. However, the success of the Celebrity Blackjack Tournament aired in 2004 was a great reason for GSN to go ahead with its plans. As a part of the World Blackjack Tour, GSN organized several professional Blackjack tournaments for players across the world. The winners of these tournaments were the ones who qualified for the high stakes finals. With a format such as this, GSN ensured that the field comprised a healthy and eclectic mix of top Blackjack players from every corner of the globe. Today, World Blackjack Tour is synonymous with the tournament that draws the best Blackjack players in the world.

Initially, the World Blackjack Tour was limited to the United States alone. However, GSN had chalked out a global schedule before the launch by virtue of which the tournament would be organized in top casinos in the United States as well as the rest of the world. The announcement of the global plans was made during the debut broadcast of the World Blackjack Tour.

Like the Celebrity Blackjack Tournament, World Blackjack Tour also featured expert commentators who provide information to the audience about every hand played in the tournament. Guiding the audience through every single round in the tournament, the commentators ensured that the excitement never waned. Additionally, GSN had also launched an online interface where online players could experience the game first-hand. Like the World Series of Blackjack, users of were offered a gaming opportunity, where they could compete with players all through the week. The games are played in a real-time environment offered through GSN sync-to-broadcast interactive TV.

Since there are no Knock-out Cards or Power Chip applicable at the World Blackjack Tour event, the excitement was even better. So, what are you waiting for? Play the game straightaway.

Sam Marshall - Editorial Staff