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World Series Of Blackjack Co-Host Talks About Champion

Ben Mezrich is not a newcomer when it comes to blackjack. His knowledge of blackjack brought him inside the walls of GSN, before known as Game Show Network. Mezrich is the co-host of the television series "The World Series of Blackjack." Mezrich talked about the star of the blackjack TV series, Paul Haas, a resident of Woodbury.

August 14, Monday, Paul Haas returned and struggled for a chance to get the $1 million in the series semifinals.

Earlier this year, Haas hammered hundred of blackjack players in Minnesota where he got the spot on the TV series. Paul Haas has given himself the name "Assassin" for being good at blackjack.

Haas for the cast of "The World Series of Blackjack" has been a good player of blackjack. Haas' game style is aggressive. He doesn't have a game strategy most of the time he plays blackjack.

Mezrich said that Haas has beaten down the champion last year. Also more experienced blackjack champion from around the country. That made him more interesting to watch in the show, with the question, 'How did he do that?'

Ben Mezrich will be seen on television's "The World Series of Blackjack", semifinal episode will be aired on August 28. The show will feature non other than Paul Haas.


Thursday, October 05 , 2006
Victor Sanchez