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Blackjack's basics - Hit or Stand

One of the most basic game options when playing blackjack is the choice of hitting (draw another card) or standing (end your hands as is). If you choose to stand, your hand value is the sum of your current points and the game continues on to the person to your left or the dealer if there are no more players.

You've just placed your initial bet and been dealt two cards. You are now facing two options:

  • Hit - Means that you would like to take another card from the deck. Choose to hit and the dealer will give you another card faced up. Hit if you think that you have a higher chance of reaching a closer or equal hand total of 21. In land base casinos you rarely say "hit", the common signal hitting is by scratching/tapping the table with your finger or you can tap with the cards (but only in tables where you are allowed to touch the cards).
  • Stand - That means that you are sticking to your total of two cards, since you think it has a high probability of winning or simply because there is a high probability of a bust if you will ask for another card.

Most dealers and computer generated programs are obligated to hit on a total which is below or equals to 16 and stand on a total of 17 and up. although in some places, the dealer might hit on soft 17, which means an Ace+6 cards. When you go play in an online casinos, it is important to know how the house plays, since it inflects on your odds and the blackjack basic strategy you should play with.

A good blackjack player will never make his decision to hit or stand based only on his two cards total. There are other factors to consider, such as the dealers up card and calculation of your probability to win. Also, notice that instead of simply standing when you feel you are about to lose you can surrender and save half of your bet.

Article contributed by Sam Marshall 30th of november '05