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Blackjack Myths

There are hundreds of Blackjack Myths which surround the game. If you took Blackjack classes they could maybe debunk some of them. When there is so much written and mentioned about the game it isn’t surprising. In addition to the Blackjack myths you have urban legend, fables and folk-tales. So what are some of the more well known Blackjack myths?

Blackjack is a game of luck - This would be the biggest Blackjack myth of them all. Blackjack is not a game of luck. Infact it is the only casino game where over the long run, the player can get an edge over the house.

You need to know mathematics well to do well- A mathematics professor called Edward Thorp circulated this in the 1960’s and this Blackjack myth got going for a while then but there really isn’t much merit to it. The fact of the matter is that Blackjack is a simple game and you only need to be able to count to 21 to be successful. You don’t need a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics.

You need a photographic memory in able to play - Again this Blackjack myth is not true. You don’t have to memorize every hand in the Blackjack shoe to play. Just use basic Blackjack strategy and you should be fine.

Dealers try to speed things up - The reason why dealers would do this would be to try and disrupt the player’s chance to count cards and keep track of what is happening. If any dealer actually tries to do this then you can slow him down. The player is the one in control while the dealer takes instruction from the player. This Blackjack myth is infact the opposit in online Blackjack when often you have the player holding up the dealer.

Playing with four or six decks is too hard - Four decks is 208 cards while six is 312. That is a lot of cards to keep track of but this Blackjack myth really has no substance at all. The more decks means less shuffling which means you have less breaks to regroup. It is not impossible to win with more decks you just need to concentrate more and stay focused. Maybe even practice at home with increased decks.

You need a sizable bankroll to be able to have any success- This Blackjack myth is not true at all. Smaller bankroll simply means playing at a table with a smaller limit. Sound Blackjack strategy would entail starting slowly and building up. So if all you have is $1000 you start off at the $10 or $25 dollar tables instead of the $100 ones.

Bad players can hurt you - While they may ruin your concentration and karma this is not the case. Mathematically there is no adverse affect a bad player has on a good one. With good Blackjack Strategy you will just shut these guys out.

The person playing last affects everyone - If there are six players at the Blackjack table and lots and lots of cards are out of the shoe by the time its his turn he can be blamed for the single card he takes. Everyone is responsible. Not just him. A Blackjack myth which gets circulated alot because of the player who hits on 15 when the dealer has a 6 and instead of the dealer not busting he gets Blackjack. Enough to tear your hair out but if you follow Blackjack strategy you will know there is nothing to get upset about.

Thomas Johnson