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Comparing Blackjack Card Counting Systems

When it comes to comparing card counting blackjack systems what is it important to look for? When you are learning blackjack card counting systems what are the things you should pay attention to to determine if they are the best match for you?

Balanced vs. Unbalanced - The natural sum of a deck is zero. When things are unbalanced they are more than zero. Unbalanced card counting systems are far easier to remember and keep track of but the balanced method is more accurate.

Ace-Reckoned vs. Ace-Neutral - Some card counting systems have the Ace as zero and others regard it as a negative number. Having it as a negative number is better for blackjack games when there are more decks in the shoe. In today’s Blackjack circles, Ace-Reckoned is the more popular card counting systems although this changes back and forth over time.

Level - The lower the level the simpler the card counting system is. The higher the level the more information you are getting via counting cards. Level 1 is the most popular as it is the easiest to do. You could go up as high as Level 5 but you need a computer inside your head and a photographic memory in order to attempt this.

Side Counts - Side Counts involve keeping track of some things on the side over and above the basic count. A lot of blackjack players love to use side counts to follow Aces.

Thomas Johnson