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Blackjack News Archive - January 2007

UW-Stout Offers Blackjack, Roulette and Craps Classes
Sunday, May 24 , 2009

UW-Stout is currently offering blackjack, craps and roulette classes. Sharon Giroux said that there are a lot of casino employment opportunities for students.

Gov. Crist and Seminole Tribe Crafts New Gaming Agreement
Thursday, May 21 , 2009

Gov. Crist and the Seminoles are hoping that their new gaming agreement will convince the House to take another look at their 2007 compact. Marc Dunbar believes that a compromise is coming soon.

Florida Lawmakers Continue to Tackle Gaming Compact Compromise
Wednesday, May 20 , 2009

Floridas House is still opposed in allowing the Seminoles to offer blackjack but negotiators agreed to limit it to casinos in Tampa and Broward. Gov. Crist hopes for a quick solution to the issue.

Florida Senate and House Struggles to Find Middle Ground in Seminole Gaming Compact
Tuesday, May 19 , 2009

The Florida Senate and House are trying to find a common ground with their compact. But Rep. Galvano said that what is difficult is convincing the Seminoles about the merits of the final compact.

Florida House and Senate May Call Special Session for Gaming Compact Issue
Monday, May 18 , 2009

Sen. J.D. Alexander said that the legislature may call fo a special session to resolve the Seminole gaming issue. He said that they have to be really careful with their decision on the issue.

TableMAX Offers Electronic Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker Games
Thursday, May 07 , 2009

TableMAX is growing rapidly by installing Progressive Blackjack on casinos like the Bordertown Casino. Officials said that they are happy about the reception that their products are receiving.

House Gaming Proposal to Scale Back Seminole Gaming
Wednesday, May 06 , 2009

House officials said that they are planning to ask Gov. Crist to stop the Seminoles from offering blackjack and baccarat. Gov. Crist said that he is still hopeful about the original compact.

The Multihand Blackjack Game of
Tuesday, May 05 , 2009 recently debut their multihand blackjack game. Players can now have more chances of winning while enjoying their favorite blackjack game.

Florida House and Senate Supports Different Gaming Compacts
Monday, May 04 , 2009

The House and Senate is supporting two different gaming compacts. Governor Crist is trying to convince both sides to approve the first gaming compact.

Florida Senate and House Races to Secure Gaming Compact Before End of Legislative Session
Sunday, May 03 , 2009

The upper and lower chambers of Florida are trying to finished a compromise gaming compact agreement. Governor Crist are urging the two legislative bodies to finish the issue before the break.