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Blackjack News Archive - November 2006

Producers Betting Big On CBSs Ultimate Blackjack Tour
Sunday, November 19 , 2006

Ultimate Blackjack Tours producers Jon Moonves and Houston Curtis are betting that the show will be a huge success. They have already spent over $1 million on the show which will begin airing on CBS on September 16th.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour Introduces New Elimination Format
Thursday, November 16 , 2006

CBSs broadcasters will launch the inaugural season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour in what is a scheduled two season run. The program features a unique series of elimination rounds to cull the pool and produce a champion in the finale.

Employees Going Back To Work At Mississippi Casinos
Wednesday, November 15 , 2006

A year ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 12 casinos on Mississippis Gulf Coast. After a year, these casinos are slowly reopening and going back in business and providing an devestated region the chance to work again.

DISH Network To Air Gamblers Guide To Online Poker And Blackjack
Monday, November 13 , 2006

Players Network, Inc. has launched a pay-per-view that features 'Gamblers Guide to Online Poker and Blackjack.' The show will run 24 hours from August 7 until August 26, 2006 and is available exclusively on te DISH Network.

Jackpot Factory Group Launches Four Blackjack Games
Thursday, November 09 , 2006

Jackpot Factory has added four new games from Microgaming for blackjack. The games are from the Gold Series of Blackjack: Classic Blackjack Gold, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold, Bonus Blackjack Gold and Big 5 Blackjack Gold.

Team USA Players Live It Up In Wynn Vegas Resort
Tuesday, November 07 , 2006

The members of Team USA are staying at the Wynn Resort, while training in Las Vegas, following an invitation from Steve and Elaine Wynn. The players are enoying their time to the fullest on th ecourt and o the court in Wynns casino.

Blackjack Release Planned For October 9th For Nintendo DS
Thursday, November 02 , 2006

Nintendo is moving into the casino gaming arena with the planned October 9th release of Clubhouse Games. The 42 game compilation will feature blackjack and several other casino classics. The games will offer both online and wireless play modes to players at no cost.