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Blackjack News Archive - September 2006

People Are Talking About The Ultimate Blackjack Tour
Wednesday, September 27 , 2006

Everybody involved in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is very excited with the coming of September 16 when the show debuts. They are all positive that the show will be a success around the world due to its unique elimination format and dealer hole camera.

Alfred Haber Distribution Acquires Distribution Rights For UBT
Sunday, September 24 , 2006

Alfred Haber Distribution has secured the international distribution rights to the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is set to debut on September 16th on CBS Sports.

Blackjack Tables Are Almost Empty At Point Edward Charity Casino
Saturday, September 23 , 2006

Point Edward Charity Casinos blackjack tables were almost empty with the drop in tourism from the United States. Canadian statistics show that Americans have traveled less in Canada for the past six months and casino revemues can back that up.

Saver Plus Will Launch Maximus Master Gaming Series of Instructional DVDs
Tuesday, September 19 , 2006

Savers Plus International secured a deal on August 14th to market the Vegas Maximus Master Gaming Series of Blackjack Instructional DVDs. The DVDs will provide the new player with expert insight and tips into the game and how to win.

Life As A Casino VIP Playing Blackjack
Monday, September 18 , 2006

Premium players at casinos talked about how they gamble millions of dollars at the blackjack table. They would lose tonight and come back again tomorrow. Probably they will win the next time they sit at a blackjack table again.

Blackjack Player Will Be Banned From Casinos For Five Years
Sunday, September 17 , 2006

Michael Howard DelGiorno, a local radio talk show host, whos been playing blackjack for years now is the target of a complaint by a dealer from a local casino. He was caught taking chips from the casino dealers pile and pulling bets at the blackjack table.

College Students In Minnesota Bet On Blackjack
Saturday, September 16 , 2006

College Students in Minnesota are find themselves trying blackjack at some point in their college years. A recent study found almost 90 percent of students admitting to trying the game. College officials are trying to put into place efforts to help treat these gambling addictions.

Lucky Blackjack Player Wins $17,000 From Lasseters Multi-Hand Blackjack
Friday, September 15 , 2006

Blackjack Player, Jeremy M. of the United States, is one lucky guy. With just a $50 deposit he has won over $17,000 while playing Multi-Hand Blackjack at Lasseters Online Casino. Lasseters is licensed by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

Veteran Blackjack Dealer Talks About Her Job At Isle Of Capri Casino
Thursday, September 14 , 2006

A veteran blackjack dealer talks about her life in Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi. As a blackjack dealer for 13 years in the casino, she is happy seeing the casinos in Mississippi get back to business after the closures caused by Hurricane Katrina.

GSN Allegedly Called A Format Theft
Wednesday, September 13 , 2006

Ultimate Blackjack Tour has filed a lawsuit against GSN Network for format theft. Many reasons were included in the lawsuit filed against GSN. UBT is demanding that the show aired by GSN be stopped and they also asked for monetary damages.

Excapsa Buying Software Development Company To Launch Blackjack Line
Tuesday, September 12 , 2006

Canadian company, Excapsa, is seeking to buy a software development company that will serve its company in online gaming. They intend to have a blackjack tournament by the third quarter of this year and expand their offerings to mobile phone software.

Dwek Owes $1.1 Million To Former Owner Of His Floating Casino
Monday, September 11 , 2006

Dweks company owns and operates a floating casino that offers the game of blackjack amongst their other holdings. Dwek bought the boat from Winston Knauss for $2.5 million, but still owes Knauss $1.1 million of the original price.

Blackjack Land-Based Casino Could Fund Education In Chicago
Sunday, September 10 , 2006

A land-based blackjack casino could help Illinois state fund education. The profits from the casino proposed by Republican gubernatorial candidate Topinka can be used to repair roads and help people in the state.

Would-be Blackjack Dealers Can Enroll at Gaming School
Tuesday, September 05 , 2006

The Crescent School is hitting it big; many people are entering the school with the hopes of getting a high paying job with the casino as a blackjack dealer. In 3 months a student can be trained as a blackjack dealer and can get job placement help from the school.

King Of Nepal Finds Comfort In Playing Blackjack Online
Monday, September 04 , 2006

King Gyanendra is facing political stress lately. He handed his power over to a multi-party government. His attempt to bring back his monarchy powers has driven him into palace confinement and he is now playing blackjack online as a distraction.

CBS Network Ready to Air Ultimate Blackjack Tour
Sunday, September 03 , 2006

CBS has finished filming the first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and is preparing to launch it on the market. The show will feature players, including actress Jennifer Tilly, competing in a series of elimination rounds to earn a berth in the finals.

Gold Series Of Blackjack Released
Saturday, September 02 , 2006

Mcrogaming has launched the new and improved Gold Series Blackjack. The series features four new blackjack variations coupled with improved graphica and animations to create a very realiztic online gaming experience.