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Blackjack News Archive - May 2007

Crown Casino Could Face Heavy Fines if Proven Guilty of Changing Their Blackjack Rules in Bad Faith
Tuesday, May 29 , 2007

According to the Victoria Commission, the Crown Casino, the only casino in Melbourne, may have to pay some serious fines if proven guilty of changing their Blackjack rule in bad faith.

Philadelphia Park Casino Now Offers Electronic Blackjack
Monday, May 28 , 2007

Philadelphia Park Casino is now the first gaming facility in Pennsylvania to offer Blackjack games because technically, the tables are not 'Table Games' but rather joined slot machines.

Mohegan Sun Casino to Offer Blackjack Machines if Approved by the Pennsylvania State Gaming Board
Sunday, May 27 , 2007

With the approval of the Pennsylvania State Gaming Board, The Mohegan Sun will be able to offer electronic Blackjack gaming in their casino with machines that can accommodate around 5 players.

Brightshare Gives out Play4Fun Blackjack to Mobile Aggregators
Thursday, May 24 , 2007

Brightshare, a mobile aggregate provider, launched their new Blackjack game and created a profit sharing program for their users.

Blackjack Tables On Hold at Philadelphia Park Casino
Sunday, May 20 , 2007

The electronic blackjack tables in Philadelphia Park were put on hold for the moment for the main reason that a communication error was found in the machines.

Season IV of the World Series of Blackjack on GSN
Sunday, May 13 , 2007

The GSN Network will showcase the fourth season of the World Series of Blackjack starting on June 4, 2007. Once again, Matt Vasgersian will be the host of the WSOBJ.

MIT Blackjack Alumni Inspires Blackjack Movie
Monday, May 07 , 2007

The Harvard Bridge was closed down on April 22, 2007 for the filming of the opening scene of the Blackjack movie, 21. The movie is based on the famed Blackjack team of MIT.

The World Series of Blackjack IV Debuts on GSN
Sunday, May 06 , 2007

The GSN Network will launch the 4th season of the WSOBJ 4 on June 4th. Officials have changed some of the rules in the game by adding the Burger King Power Chip and the Knockout cards.

Shuffle Master Launches Virtual Gaming Table in Pennsylvania
Thursday, May 03 , 2007

Shuffle Master's Blackjack Table has been approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Board, meaning that it can be officially launched and players can now enjoy the game.